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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Wednesday, 28th March:

Straightforward day really, already getting used to the ‘Executive Lounge’ at the Hilton Athens, plenty of free grub and drinks on offer; nothing majorily special really though, and I can see the food getting pretty "same ol’, same ol’" eventually, but better than staying in the same claustrophobia hotel room, hey?


Meetings throughout the day, more ‘detailed’ issue analysis and intensive case studies review sessions.  Pretty tough going, especially when the problems that were initially raised multiplied very quickly!!  But alas, this is what I was here for right?


I learnt that the Taxi’s from the Hilton are a rip-off, they charge (I guess due to the commission back-handers to the Doormen), €6-8 for a single journey FROM the Hilton, and €2-3 for a single journey back.  Hmm see the issue?  Luckily, I am able to claim all of this back, hey?  Else I would be rather annoyed!


We had a nice meal in the Evening, with some of Partner bank staff, and it was in a very classy Italian restaurant, walking distance from the hotel.  It was one of the places hidden within one of the tree areas, just off the main-road, and if you don’t know its there, it’s very easy to miss!  Very nice food, and very attentive service, but a very pricey place!


Late night meal, still not use to eating dinner at 21:00 (usually eat around 18:30) - big deal really, as I'm "low maintenance" remember!


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