Friday Night Fun @ the Sands Casino – An Experience!

Well what does one do after work on a Friday, one goes out for the classic Friday drink.

I went with a work colleague for a pint of Guinness at Harry’s (again!), and we ordered what is appearing to be mandatory Satay accompliment (it gets my vote!).  I also ordered a side of Fries too!  Very British, hey?  Harry’s seems to be the Friday after-work drinking establishment, as it seems to be full of office people, but the service is quite slow with only 4 members of staff serving both the inside and outside seating areas!  Tough for them to do that on a busy evening!

I met up with Alan, the assignee who recently joined BHP, who was also keen to grab a drink after a busy week of work.  After an hour or so, we finished our drinks at Harry’s and we decided to move down to Marina Bay Sands for another pint.  There were actually 2-3 other Bar units outside and alongside the Sands Building, so we choice one that 1) had a Happy Hour(s) drinks offer and 2) wasn’t overly busy that would delay us getting served!! :)   It was surreal that these bars weren’t that busy at all (in fact they were pretty deserted (of patrons).  I guess they are smaller and a bit away from the MBFC office areas, and most people go inside the Sands or simply walk past the bars.  Alan’s colleague also joined us for the drinks.  We decided to go with the Tiger Beer option, which was on offer, something like 3 draft pints for S$35 (that equates to about (£17.5 for or just under £6 a pint) – and that was the local brew!  Hey-ho!  I sense the night will continue like this, and this was actually quite close to the truth – ha!

We agreed to venture into the Casino @ the Marina Bay Sands, I actually wanted to go a couple of weekends back, but I do believe it is best going with someone – bit more fun!

Marina Bay Sands - Gambling Floor

Marina Bay Sands - Gambling Floor

We tried to locate the S$25 BlackJack tables – hard to come buy, as there seemed to only be a couple of tables open.  They finally opened another bank of tables, and we duly sat down whilst they prepared the tables, checked the cards, checked the chips and probably checked us out (on this point: we looked up and noticed that there must have bene 20-30 CCTV cameras in the small area we were looking at.  There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of them in this place!)

I decided to only covert S$100 (aren’t I a big spender!!), and started betting away, starting relatively safe and slowly, but at one stage I was about S$50 up (that’s not bad going as you go back and forth with a couple of good spells, followed by a couple if bad-luck moments).  Methinks I should have cashed out at this point, but you know gambling, it sucks you, and then spits you out!  So yup after a very brief winning streak, I lost it all!  But not before I caused a bit of confusion for the Dealer.  She didn’t realise that I was not playing a particular round (I still had a S$25, but opted to stick it out that round).  So she continued dealing as if I had been in.  When I pointed out that I didn’t bet, she said “Oh!”, and then called across the “Pit Boss”.  She came over and then had to call her superiors on her radio.  Whoops!  After about 5 minutes of umming and arring, they finally agred to forfeit the hand, which the legite players also agreed too.  Funny times!

Anyway, at least I ended and kept the shirt on my back!  Funny thing is that because we hadn’t been drinking any alcohol at this point, we were all stone sobber – lol :)   So we lost money, and weren’t even drunk – how does that work on a Friday!!  Haha!

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