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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Sunday, 20 June 2010

Well my father decided to terminate his telephone and broadband internet service with Tiscali (now part of the TalkTalk Group), and transfer to PlusNet.

If only it was this easy. It fell apart from the point when Tiscali abruptly brought forward the termination day by 5 days without warning or notification to PlusNet or my father.

Since then we have been battling to get the final bill (we still owe the some service charges until 10th March 2010) and we have raised a complaint, due to the poor service shown.

They even raised it to their external Debt Collections agency, for a final bill amount that we never saw! Grrr!

We can fight fire with fire, and raised this to the OTELO ombudsperson to investigate too!

I also decided to do some research and email the Chairman to the TalkTalk group, hopefully he can intervene and offer something for the total lapse of quality service!  Here's the note I sent to Mr Dunstone...lets hope it results into something more positive than the current communications with Tiscali/Talktalk!!  Shocking indeed!

Dear Mr Dunstone,

I am writing to you on behalf of my father Giorgio Brigatti, who had a Tiscali (now part of TalkTalk) Telephone and Broadband service until very recently.

As part of his consumer rights, he opted to transfer to another Service Provider (PlusNet), and raised the appropriate requests to Tiscali, who confirmed that this transfer would happen on 16th March 2010. This was aligned with PlusNet and my father. Tiscali triggered in the telephone and broadband services early, so on the 11th March 2010 both services were terminated abruptly and without notification to PlusNet or my father.

My father contacted Tiscali to complaint about this, and Tiscali failed to respect that they were liable for this early termination but did admit that they did indeed trigger it early, in error. Through numerous telephone and support ticket discussions with your servicing teams, we continue to fail to obtain a copy of the final bill or close the account with you, even after persistent requests to do so. This matter became far more serious when Tiscali actually passed this matter to a Debt Collections Agency – for a final bill settlement that we never actually received. This is a total disregard of the basic principles of Customer Service, it caused significant distress and still (to this day), we have not yet received the final bill for the services until the early termination date of 10th March 2010. We are not willing to pay for a service charge that we did not utilise, why should we?

This is extremely poor customer service that I am receiving from your Tiscali division. Surely, this is not the way to perform as a Communication company?

We am hopeful that with your intervention this matter can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion. I am looking for an agreed level of compensation, at this time we have notified Tiscali that £25 would be added to our original £100 compensation claim for every business day exceeding past 12th April 2010. As of COB Friday, 18th June this amounted to £1,400 claimed and this figure continues to rise. Although this is significant, this amount has been notified to Tiscali and I feel is justified for the lack of support, breach of contract and the continued distrust we have with your servicing teams to honour their servicing agreements with my father, including anguish and distress experienced after the Debt Collection letter was received by him, and most importantly the fact that over 3 months this matter has yet to be resolved.

This is extremely poor service, the matter of breach of contract has been raised, I have advised Tiscali/TalkTalk of a liability of this fact, raise a requested for compensation and now raised this matter to the Ombudsman. All of which for something that your customer support teams should have resolved effectively.

I trust that with your intervention, this can be resolved. I very much look forward for your response accordingly.

Many thanks for your time.

Your sincerely,

Aaron Brigatti
(sent on my behalf of Giorgio Brigatti)

We will see what Mr Dunstone has got to say for himself!

Response from Charles Dunstone
Written by abrigatti on 2010-06-22 11:52:12
A prompt and concise response from Mr Dunstone, the Chairman of the The CarPhone WareHouse Group of Companies...including TalkTalk...that's "customer service"!! 
"Dear Mr Brigatti 
Many thanks for your email, I am extremely sorry to hear of the problems you father is experiencing getting his final bill and concerned that you have had to contact to me in search of resolution. 
I will make sure a final bill is despatched immediately, but I am afraid there is no way we can entertain your request for compensation. 
Charles Dunstone"
I sent a quick response back acknowledin
Written by abrigatti on 2010-06-22 12:03:09
My response to the Chairman was as follows: 
"Dear Mr Dunstone, 
Thank you for your prompt intervention and response. 
On the matter of compensation, the below clause signifies that for the 5 days where the service was not supplied (due to the early termination), I do interpret this is a breach of contract caused by Tiscali. We would accept a figure of £25 for each of the 5 days where Tiscali couldn't provide a service. 
{start-quote}Term 9.3 states; we will not be liable to you for any failure to deliver the services or for any breach of contract, where the failure or breach is due to a reason outside of our reasonable control.{end-quote} 
I lastly request that you call off the action of the debt collection agency, as they have a case opened, in error, with my father for the final bill. 
Many thanks,

A response was not received, but I think the matter had already been passed to a delegate to deal with!

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