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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Sunday, 28 September 2008

Believe it or not, but I've now been officially with American Express Services Europe Ltd (AESEL) for 5 years on 1st September. Having joined the University of Sussex / Amex IT Graduate Scheme on 1st Sept 2003. Feels like a life-time ago!

I thought I'd get my Masters (sponsored by Amex), get a few years of experience (2 at most!), and venture elsewhere, I didn't think I wanted to stay for this length of time. Thought, to be more pragmatic - 5 years is really nothing! But feels like a hell of a long time to stay with one company!

Anyway, it's had a few ups and downs, fortunately I've now got my first promotion - receiving my Senior PM position on 1st March this year - although I felt I could have got this last year already! Pay and conditions is not too bad, and I've managed to save a lot of money during the last 2 years to fortunate be in a good position to look for my own bachelor pad now!

I think the statistics were quite interesting, over the 5 years, the Amex UDC has had over 100 students come through (including this years new in-take), over 50 have stayed within Amex and 10 have got promotions during the 5 years, and 5 have jumped ship to the 'Amex Business' (rather than stay within Amex Technologies).

Looking back, I've learnt, developed and experienced a lot during this past few years - probably the last 2-3 have been the ones where I've gotten the most out of my job, and as most people tell me, there is still a lot to learn - so head down, keep busy and hopefully a couple more years will pass quickly. I am keen to get a different perspective, and definitely looking for another opportunity when I can start applying again! Have to wait for September 2009 to past, then will be within the 18mth threshold that applies for internal applications!

Oh, just need to work out how will I spend the £80 that I received for the 5 years tenure.


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