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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Tuesday, 27th March:

Okay here’s the start of my 12 week blog, dedicated to my latest happenings in my work assignment in Athens, Greece.


Well as I didn’t want to experience the joys of Rush Hour on the M25 and M4, I decided to take the taxi journey from 04.30BST, to arrive at the airport around 06:00BST.  Flight was at 08:20 so I intended to arrive in ample time.  I actually arrived just over the hour, so had arrived in good (and probably record) time!  Could have stayed in an overnight hotel, but couldn't be arsed to arrange it!


I had checked in on-line – soon after the system was open (24 hours prior to the flight), I managed to get 13F booked – right at the front of Economy.  Dropped off my luggage and all seemed well, however, when I was at the gate, the system noted that I “wasn’t checked in”.  Hmmm how can this be, hey?  Maybe two people checked in the very same time?  I can’t think of any other reason!


Anyway, not necessarily a bad thing (luckily), as I was then upgraded to 'Club Europe' – into 11F – nice!  Flight was actually very good and service very attentive.


I arrived safely in Athens, and started to enjoy the milder climate and atmosphere.  From the airport, we came straight to the Bank offices, and had 2 hours worth of meetings with the Head of the Card Division to discuss my remit and agree upon next steps (discuss their “concerns” (themes)), which I was intending to pursue further during the first week.


Darran and I weren’t alone representing AXP; in fact we had Marketing, Co-Brand, and Merchant Acquisition representatives also here, so we had dinner with them.  Darran had recommended a great place just behind the Hilton Athens hotel; it’s called “Agora Ilision Restaurant” – a bit on the pricy side, but the portions are definitely on the ‘large’ side, but there is nothing like a meal challenge for me!!  Actually, the team’s challenge is whether you can eat a ‘New York Burger’ – no mean feat if you look at the size of the damn thing, especially since it was served with a large portion of fries and salad too BTW, I didn’t make it (well it was the first attempt that is and I "was tired")!!


Onto the challenges of Day two and beyond...


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