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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Saturday, 21 April 2007

Tuesday, 17th April - Saturday, 21st April:

Well my second session has started.  My BA Flight on Tuesday, 17th April was relatively uneventful, pleasant sailing (well "flight")!  Decided to stay in the UK for the week after the Easter-break, as I had to meet up some folks (work-folks), and also had to attend a Mandatory 'Brand' Training session on Monday, 16th April. 

Hope everyone is fantastically well and keeping busy! (Life would be boring if we weren't busy, so think of this as a plus point!)..certainly been incredibly busy this end....but still very much smiling and having fun, fun, fun! (Well it's me you are talking about here!).

Aaron as the BonuS Platform 'Frontman'

To start with the fun-element, the photo on the right was one of "me-at-work"....and was not planned or intentional....I am out here in Greece to support the BonuS platform, and I apparently was based at a desk under a BonuS poster....(it was early morning, and I didn't even realise the poster was on the pillar!!). So I was, apparently, becoming the "front man" of the programme in the office :) Notice my Starbuck's sponsorship in the photo too! I was working, honest!

Anyway, greetings from sunny Greece from a view overlooking the Acropolis, it's only 22C, so I believe it's warmer in the UK at the moment - ho well, life hey? Can't have it all!

Work....well definitely very busy, but I don't want to go into detail here....lets talk about the most important aspect of the trip, the "fun-part"! Already, starting to be seen as a "regular" within the Hilton Athens for some weird reason...managed to get a bargain rate @ only €195 per night (rather than €270+) for an Exec Room - not plus, plus and plus! And the rooms are pretty cool, definitely lounging around pretty comfortably here...I am sure going to enjoy every minute of my time here!! Fantastic opportunity!

Trying to 'obtain' a Championship League final ticket - we'll see if anything happens, would be fantastic...esp. if AC Milan make it to the finals - c'mon there's 3 UK teams left, so it's only fair that it's a UK/Italy final!!! Actually talking about Championship League, means there are no hotels in Athens at all....hmm....not a bad reason to stay around and suck up the atmosphere for free, but decided to take a holiday to visit one of the surrounding Greek Island(s) - probably Santorini - which has been recommended to me on several occasions. C'mon any excuse to enjoy the sun, sand, Ouzo, and more!

Talking about Greek Islands, started to visit them this week, visiting a 3-Island spree over the two days - what fun, more news to follow. Can't wait, all of have been highly recommended, so it will certainly be very relaxing! Hydra, Poros, Aegina are on my list to visit this weekend....all meant to be very different...will let you know!!

One of the downfalls is that I've already got my Corporate Card skimmed this week, I was warned that this might happen here in Athens, but I didn't imagine it would happen so quickly to me! Apparently I have "purchased" a mobile phone contract from a Netherlands merchant, payment processed via BIBIT Payment Application (i.e. Online). Luckily, I've been monitoring my Corporate statement periodically since being out here....and yes it was a "keyed" transaction on my Chip and PIN Card!! and NO it definitely wasn't me!

Anyway, lets end this update with the trip's challenges:

  1. Will I see the Acropolis and Athen's sights before I leave?
  2. Which Greek island to visit next?
  3. Which restaurant to visit next?
  4. Which drink to order next? Plenty of Ouzo involved thus far! Hmmm...well c'mon gotta make the most of it!
  5. Will all of the places I visit take AXP?
  6. How many times will be Corp Card get skimmed?
  7. Which ladies to chat up next? (Hmmm....okay may not be appropriate for the target audience of this blog entry - whoops). But have you seen the Greek ladies? Okay, I should really keep this to myself :)

Till the next time, have fun all, I certainly will be, within the mix of work, fun and play! I will raise an Ouzo to you all! Ciao for now...


Luis from Spain
Written by Guest on 2007-04-21 20:14:05
Hello Mr Brigatti ! 
I can see you keep yourself busy, good old man :p  
Take care and will see you around your blog !!

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