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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Saturday, 03 February 2007

Well during the last 6 months, I have thus far been approached by MasterCard, Visa and now Accenture, not to mention an internal AXP Interactive Marketing opportunity.

Something like this is not necessarily good to brag about, but I guess it shows that I am going in the right direction and have "options" available to me - career-wise.  A lot of these will also provide me the opportunity to "try-out" the London scene - although I am very much aware of the pit-falls as part of this too (commuting being the easily recognisable one!).

Lets give a summary of each one:

  1. Interactive Marketing Manager, GNS Marketing - for AXP GNS - a promotional role that I was approached for, after my intensive and successful role in the implementation of numerous websites in the EMEA region.  This mainly covered our new markets, ranging from Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Bosnia and a revitalisation for Saudi Arabia.  Yep there were a few :)  Having created a more refined processed for such projects, I became known as the Interactive-guru both in the regional Marketing, and Implementation (my current) teams, as well as other regions.  Fantastic recognition, hey?  So I applied, and until the last minute I was seen as one of the stronger candidates, but then an applicant from the AXP Interactive group applied and based on her background was successful in getting this role.  Ho-well, always the way, hey?

  2. Product Leader, Product Development - for MasterCard - unfortunately the Association had a re-look at this and other opportunities (following their IPO strategic review) and they decided to remove the need for the role at that time.  So, unfortunately, my application could not be considered.

  3. Implementation Consultant - for Visa - this was a sound opportunity, and I was all geared up for proceeding with the application. Unfortunately, the Assessment Centre was the on Friday prior to by Christmas 2006 break, i.e. Friday, 8th Dec.  As this was my last day in the office, I couldn't risk not being fully prepared and in the right state of mind for the centre, so I had to decline the opportunity to attend and thus remove my application. 

  4. Implementation Consultant - for Visa - another role opened up in the new year, and I was advised that this was similar to the one I had to turn down in December 2006.  Things changed very quickly though, as after an internal review within Visa, they decided that the role had to have Russian lingual abilities.  Unfortunately, this is not something I possessed, so my application couldn't be considered at that time.

  5. Project Manager, Banking Industry Clients - Back Office Operations - for Accenture - another Recruitment consultant contacted me about this opportunity, and my application was completed and put through to Accenture for review.  After a review, it was decided that a more related role was available for me, not necessarily a good nor bad thing - but lets continue.  This led on to the following role...

  6. IT Project Systems Integrations Consultant, Financial Services Clients - for Accenture - my application was considered for this role, and I have now had my first interview.  We will soon see the results on this, more news to follow.

  7. Senior Project Manager, GBS - for AXP GNS - this replacement and promotional position within my current team opened up, and after speaking with the hiring manager (one of Directors within my team), I have subsequently applied, and an interview is also pending.  We will soon see the results on this, more news to follow.

  8. Senior Project Manager, AXP Technologies - for AXP - I've been advised of another potential opportunity, which I am monitoring closely, in case neither of the above opportunities come to anything.  Again, more news to follow!

In short, a few opportunities have arisen - thus far, nothing concrete exists, but change could be on the horizon. My fingers are crossed - and I am praying that something comes out on all of these!  Two opportunities open, and maybe more on the horizon!

Update 1 - 2 interviews - both positive!
Written by abrigatti on 2007-02-11 21:12:45
But it all depends on what they are looking for.... 
I have had the IT Project Systems Integrations Consultant First Interview with the Accenture IT Project Manager - all seemed well. Just hope I came across someone that is willing, focused and determined :) 
The other interview was for the Senior PM role in my current team - again, the answers I gave seemed to fit the bill well! They were looking some who was focused on the bigger picture and the strategic thinking - I feel some of the responses I gave, linked into this - but we will see.  
More news to follow....
GBS Senior Proj Mgr
Written by abrigatti on 2007-02-13 19:40:30
Well unfortunately I was not successfully. Although I came out of the interview providing with what I felt were quite good examples and responses to the questions, looking back it coule have been "even better". It wasn't terrible, but just could have ben better! 
I was also a bit annoyed that the "technical background" comment came up, cos I tried to steer this into the 'business' role - that I was applying for...obviously, I didn't steer it enough! 
Alas, if it wasn't too be, it wasn't too be - can't cry over spoilt milk! 
I also knew the other person in my dept who was also asked whether she was going to apply (BTW she did!), did have quite a lot in her favour. She has always been in the "business", she has been involve with two quite high-profile projects and her role was largely leading them (during the time the Senior PM left the company) - so she could quite easily steer these as examples based on the leadership competencies etc. Oh and the only other bonus, her fiancee is a Director of another team - yes I would have asked for help too, in a similar position! 
So it was largely a done deal, I think - even before the interview. I knew this and knew I had an up-hill struggle really. Only concern is around what my colleague's perception is going to be well....grrr.... 
Alas, it's back to the infamous "tech background" which I guess was the start of my downfall!
Accenture Update and Visa Opportunity!
Written by abrigatti on 2007-02-27 23:33:26
Well it appears I'm still pending an update from Accenture - it's not a "No" but it's not a "Yes" either. The next step (if I get through) is a further interview and then the final decision! Will keep you posted! 
Second update is of a further opportunity coming my way for an Implementation Consultant (business-side) for Visa. Still a potential offering, but not sure of specifics though - until I read the job-spec. Seems similar to what I am currently doing (specifically my "certification" activities). Again will keep you posted!! :)
Accenture Update and Visa Opportunity (2
Written by abrigatti on 2007-03-18 16:57:39
Unfortunately Accenture felt I did not have enough "leadership" experience - i.e. leading projects. Hmmm...but this was what I was doing for the last 2 years. So it must have been how I came across during the interview. 
However, maybe it's the examples I gave which might not be the correct focus for these companies? I guess, I learn from experience hey? Not too bad, as this would have resulted in trips up to Manchester and Newcastle on a regular occurrence... :eek  
Regarding the most recent opportunity from VISA - as I was travelling to Cyprus on the day the assessment centre was meant to occur, it looks like that they didn't want to consider my application any longer. They didn't even let me know, didn't expect myself, so wasn't really that disappointed! :roll  
Still looking for the next opportunity! Only time will tell!

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