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Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Well enough is enough!

I am getting quite peed with the attitude of both organisations, Renault for their ignorance behind the incident which could have killed me(!!) - and VOSA's VSB for their incompetence in their investigations behind the incidents reported to them!

C'mon it's not seen as normal (yet alone "safe") for a bonnet to fly up when you are driving - so surely VOSA can identify that this is an "safety-issue". I guess it is based on what they define as "safe".

Anyway, wrote a letter on 19th Feb 2007, to the Director at VOSA whose remit includes the VSB (Vehicle Safety Branch) - quite a well written letter if I say so myself...just have to wait and see see what VOSA has got to say for themselves.

Dear Mr Edwards,

Based on the current status of your department’s inactions towards Renault Clio Mark 2’s, and the very fact that hundreds of cases have been reported across the UK; I am astounded that you have chosen to comment on the historical statistics of your organisation. This has no bearing on my case. I am interested in the 350,000 potential death-traps that remain on the road, resulting in one of these vehicles which caused an incident which could have caused me fatal injuries.

Even with growing media coverage across the UK, there are still Clio owner’s that might not realise that they are driving with a bonnet mechanism that has the potential to “release” itself without warning. Your statement simply indicates that this is not seen as an issue! How can this be? A safety device should be designed to cover all aspects of usage – including the potential fact that it may not be maintained as efficiently as it should be (isn’t this the purpose of the safety catch?) Why only one model of car is in question then? Did Renault choose to only utilise this design on Renault Clio Mark 2’s? I would welcome your insights here.

How can you state that 2 vehicles – which VOSA has completed ‘comprehensive’ analysis, and 3 spot checks – are ‘sufficient’ to make the VOSA safety decision for this particular issue? Your statement advising VOSA are still interested in continuing the investigation although indicates the right position, seemingly contradicts that of the VSB’s own comments – who confirmed to a number of people that no further cases would be looked into, as it is considered closed?

I am amazed that your stance remains unchanged – especially, as you organisation is meant to represent “safety”. Any catch which has a greater chance of release without warning should be deemed as a safety defect. Else, this makes a mockery of the whole safety policies of VOSA and the VSB.

Why didn’t the VSB inspect the entire case-file of vehicles themselves (or obtain reports for them by independent engineers) – and then compile an unbiased and unequivocal report? I also question the validity of the “Renault” report – based on the fact that it was compiled by the manufacture without any independent witness present (even after I requested to be present at the inspection) and because I have not had the liberty of reviewing it myself; my assumption is that this includes evidence which indicates an issue with the mechanism. I do not feel that a satisfactory inspection was completed on the car; Renault’s statements hold no ground – and my case is not considered closed. In short, you have not completed any meaningful inspections on damaged Clio’s – required to make a reasonable judgement.

Where is the technical evidence from Renault which proves without any doubt whatsoever that it is not a mechanical, maintenance or safety defect? I have not thus far viewed anything from Renault or VOSA which indicates this stance for any reported cases, so would continually question the validity of the statement indicating the same.

There is nothing to indicate that that the bonnet was not closed properly in my case, nor damage to the bonnet or catches. The only indication was that the bonnet safety catch were stiff and may not have engaged properly – noted by an official Renault inspection after the incident, with a family member present. This alone indicates a potential issue due to the maintenance procedure and safety performance of the mechanism – linked to the fact that Renault did not stipulate the maintenance of these mechanisms during servicing. If there is cause for “maintenance” to create a state that means a particular safety device is prone to failure – then surely this is linked to the design and manufacturing of the device itself - therefore classed as a mechanical or design defect – as it would pose a safety risk to the mechanism functionality.

Also, the (bonnet) closure point is not actually related to the said-cases (it’s a red-herring); it is the performance of the bonnet catches, not whether you closed the bonnet properly. In the worst case that one didn't close the bonnet properly, there are four options of “logicalstate” - which Renault need to disprove (so far they have failed to do so!):

  1. The main and safety catch is engaged – then BOTH catches have failed (released themselves) mysteriously - this would actually be more worrying as a simply two-catch mechanism is not meant to be designed to both fail! (That's the whole purpose of the safety catch right?) (Issue: Main and safety catch)
  2. The main catch is engaged but not the safety – the bonnet would be flush, it's just the safety may not been gone back into it’s ‘safe’ state. Why and how did the main bonnet release itself? (Issue: Main catch)
  3. The main catch was not engaged, but the safety was – this would mean the bonnet is not flush, as a flush bonnet would engage the main catch mechanism. The bonnet would therefore have to be ajar. This would be the potential position if the driver didn't close the bonnet properly. However, if this were the case, why didn’t the safety hold (as ‘designed’)? (Issue: Safety catch)
  4. Neither the main or safety catch were engaged – this would mean the bonnet is simply “resting”, the bonnet would be ajar, and could move freely (up and down). This is what Renault is implying (without any sensible reasoning) as the potential position in my case, as if the driver didn't close the bonnet properly (Issue: none of the catches - as none would be engaged (see next point))
Now the only one that holds any ground based on Renault’s stance is scenario 4 - but can you honestly believe 400+ people are this stupid and this is the case is ALL cases, I know I am not this daft! I do not believe this scenario holds any value; therefore the only reasoning is scenario 1 or 2 – which means a catch has to have failed – one of which is classed as a “safety” catch!

I look forward to your responses to the above comments. At this stage, the public have been let down by the inactions of VOSA’s safety division. You have not completed a thorough investigation, and you do not have enough evidence to make your ultimate judgement. Therefore, please collect evidence which together should indicate that there is a safety issue and a safety recall is the only option that Renault has to undertake going forward. It’s a simply decision, which you should have the power to control.

Hmmm....maybe there is a reason why I haven't received any acknowledgement or reply yet?

Phoned VOSA - a response is....
Written by abrigatti on 2007-03-04 14:21:24
...expected during the next week (ideally, before Friday, 9th March)!! 
This is somewhat positive news, but I wonder what the stance will be from a Government department which I have totally slated their own investigations and integrity! (Whoops - but it had to be said!). 
Hopefully we will receive some positive news as I understand something is happening behind the scenes between VOSA and Renault UK!!!!
My assumption of a positive reply unfoun
Written by abrigatti on 2007-03-10 19:13:40
Okay, I shouldn't have assumed that I would have received a more positive reply. 
Here's thought that when I spoke with Hugh Edwards Assistant - that a more thorough and positive response would be forthcoming. How wrong I could be! 
Their reply is here: 
VOSA's 5th March 2007 Reply

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