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Trip to Yerevan, Armenia   Print 
Written by Aaron Brigatti  
Sunday, 02 August 2009

I came back refreshed from my Turkish holiday, and was semi-refreshed.  It was only a 1-week off, and really enabled me to "re-charge" my batteries.  That didn't last long!

Came back to work on Monday, and was requested to attend a meeting in Armenia.  Ho-hum, tough-life hey?

It was a good trip, interesting meeting - but the most challenging bit was the flight in.  Flying out on Sunday evening, meaning I left home at around 3pm, arriving in Heathrow just gone 4pm.  The flight was 4hrs 40mins, and because of the time-difference (GMT+4), we arrived at 4am...with our meeting starting at 11am.  As I was still "working", I only managed to get a couple of hours kip during the flight and another couple of hours in the hotel.  'twas a tough-day to say the least.

Anyway, it was a rewarding session, and I am glad that we split the session over two-days - gave me back some sanity at the very least!! :)

Having enjoyed a nice "eating" session on the evening of the first night, we found our way back to the hotel - and I then noticed it was about 11pm already - and I would have to admit, was tired - but funnily still wide awake.

I relaxed, caught up with some e-mails and headed for bed, quite relaxed (for a change!).  It was a fabulous evening and great company.

I woke up around 6.30am the next day, as I knew I had to finish off some other "project stuff", as I knew I wouldn't have e-mails for the most of the day (we didn't have any blackberry access in Armenia - ho-hum - good and bad, I guess!).  Made the final tweaks to the second part of the deck, and headed down for breakfast - still quite refreshed.  I have a feeling the tiredness hadn't kicked-in yet! 

The day went fine and we finished around 2pm.  When we settled back in the hotel, I tried to catch-up with my e-mails once again, and relaxed for an hour or so (should have taken the opportunity for a quick nap - but that was my blue-box work commitment - to keep going!).

The evening was nice, we met up around 5.30pm, and walked around Yerevan "as a tourist".  Because one of my work colleagues had already been in the City 4 previous times, he was a our tour-guide for the session.  It was great fun, thoroughly enjoyable, and we saw a few sights, before the heavens opened, and the torrential rain started.  We eat at a very nice restaurant, I think it was a great time to chill and chat after a busy couple of days.

We then walked back to the hotel, we had a cognac and orange juice...very nice indeed.  I got changed, and then visited Omega club, a nice night club in the centre of town.  It was a "special type" of club, but it was actually very pleasurable (for more reasons than one!).  This was only my second time in such a place, so it was a nice repeat experience!  We found out most of the gals were from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and the one I "noticed" had only started a few days ago - and was there for 2 mths.  I gave my 'personal contact card' (not business!), but what's the chance I get a SMS/Call?  VERY SLIM methinks!  We finally left around 5.20am.  I don't know how I stayed awake, but I managed too!  I knew it would hit home eventually :)

The next (same) day, I relaxed, spent a few hours in bed, and then got ready for the 9am pick-up to the airport.

Another trip done!  Oh...the BMi flight...that was another pleasureable experience.

I must say the other highlight was the pursue in our section of the plane.  In fact, if I recollect the outward journey first, we were in seats 14E and 14F, but we were invited to move to the Exit row on 17E and 17F, as there were young children on that row.  We didn't decline such a great offer, with the leg-room that we would receive :)  The thing that did get my attention though, was the Irish pursue in this middle section.  If I just say very cute - that would be an understatement, but I must admit she did certainly caught my attention indeed!! She certainly serviced the aisle with a nice smile throughout the trip and was very attentive indeed.  I think this was one of the main reasons that our flight went very quickly.  I enquired how long she was staying in Tbilisi (the flight went via Yerevan).  She told me that she was returning on Wednesday - guess what, that was exactly the same flight we were returning - so my mission was to sit in exactly the same exit-row seats on the return - talk about a mission!

When I checked in our bags, I enquired about the seat availability, and lo-and-behold, the same seats were free.  BONUS!!  I said yes as quickly as the check-in clerk told me that they were free!!.  Anyway, couldn't wait too board and set my eyes on the gorgeous Irish gal.  Nice indeed!    I just hope I manage to see her again, when I am back out to the market.

There are two reasons to go back - the flight attendant (Irish pursue) and the club! :)  Will fate happen for me?


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