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8 December My last day - and my new Singapore chapter and blog Blog/Default Category
29 June My Singapore Adventure - 6 months of hard work! Blog/Default Category
14 December GNS Christmas Party 2010 Blog/Default Category
6 December Referral of VOSA (in)actions to Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Blog/Default Category
11 July Take a screenshot of your iPhone desktop Blog/Default Category
11 July iPhone 3GS + IOS4 Upgrade - that will do :) Blog/Default Category
23 June Alex's and Claire's Wedding - 21st June 2010 Blog/Default Category
20 June Renault Clio - Last Chance Pursuing the DoT Blog/Default Category
20 June Abysmal Service from Tiscali (now TalkTalk) Blog/Default Category
21 May New Government but same old Department of Transport Blog/Default Category
25 December Christmas Letter 2009 - Happy Christmas to one and all! Blog/Default Category
16 August Weird few weeks of late - just plodding along! Blog/Default Category
22 April Dyson DC19 from John Lewis - freebies included! Blog/Default Category
20 March Wahoo - house completion this week. I'm a home-owner! Blog/Default Category
21 February Amex Insurance - Continous Cock-Ups!! Blog/Default Category
4 February Snow Flurries during 1st-2nd Feb 2009 Blog/Default Category
1 January Back from Holiday and Back to Work Already! Blog/Default Category
30 November Christmas Party 2008 - Surreal Feeling Blog/Default Category
22 November My Broadband Speed Test - 22 Nov 2008 Blog/Default Category
23 August Zizzi 2-4-1 Offer Blog/Default Category
26 July Another Trip - to Intriguing Kiev, Ukraine Blog/Default Category
12 July Recent Gallery Additions Blog/Default Category
8 July Over ONE MILLION Visitors to Brigatti Online - wow!! Blog/Default Category
11 June Las Vegas - Fun but a Grueling Start! Blog/Default Category
10 May Opticians - and new Glasses Blog/Default Category
16 February Kieren's Birthday - Purchased a Gift Blog/Default Category
16 February T-Mobile Contract Up for Renewal - New Phone!!! Blog/Default Category
14 February St Valentine's Day - 14th February 2008 Blog/Default Category
10 February TomTom 720 - Finally Committed Myself to Get One! Blog/Default Category
8 February Am I falling for someone? Blog/Default Category
4 January Renault Clio Bonnet Catches - Updated Comms Blog/Default Category
1 January Happy New Year 2008 Blog/Default Category
9 December AXP GNS Brighton Christmas Party Blog/Default Category
9 December Christmas Letter 2007 Blog/Default Category
9 December Strictly Come Dancing - Still Very Addictive Blog/Default Category
18 November Finally - Dec 2006 Hong Kong Photos Uploaded Blog/Default Category
30 August Greek Forest Fires Blog/Default Category
2 August Weekend in Messinia, Peloponnese Greece Blog/Default Category
8 July Gallery Comment Bug - Fixed!! Blog/Default Category
3 July VOSA's Response to My MPs Enquiries Blog/Default Category
3 June Greece Assignment - Piccies Blog/Default Category
22 May Santorini Holiday - Day 4 Blog/Default Category
8 May Greek Assignment - Skiathos Island Hop Blog/Default Category
21 April Greek Assignment - Start of Second Session Blog/Default Category
9 April Renault: VOSA -- Freedom of Information Act Blog/Default Category
9 April Renault Clio Issue - 10 Downing Street - Petition Blog/Default Category
9 April Renault Clio - VOSA CEO Lack of Response Blog/Default Category
9 April Renault UK MD and SQD - No Reply! Blog/Default Category
10 March Cyprus Trip - and Nicosia Divide Blog/Default Category
6 March Renault and VOSA - will they ever learn? Blog/Default Category
4 March Saturday's Total Eclipse - Amazing! Blog/Default Category
17 February Valentine's Day - 2006 Blog/Default Category
23 January Renault Clios - Their Continous Denials Blog/Default Category
30 November Christmas 2006 Blog/Default Category
6 November Bonfire Night 2006 - What a Nite! Blog/Default Category
8 July Fantastic day at SW19 3 stunning matches!!! Oh yes!! Blog/Default Category
1 July Renault Clio - Bonnet Failure Questionnaire Blog/Default Category
23 June Visit to Morocco, Agadir Beach Club Blog/Default Category
28 May Weekend Trip to Reykjavik, Iceland Blog/Default Category
13 May My New Car - Finally! Blog/Default Category
26 February Masters Graduation Ceremony Blog/Default Category
31 December Christmas 2005 - Family break in Egypt - Fantastic! Blog/Default Category
16 October UCL Hospital UCL Hospital/UCL Hospital
This is the collection of designs (3 altoget …
10 October Contact Us Contact Us/Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, or en …
10 October Client Sites Client Sites/Client Sites
This is the collection of client sites that …
10 October University Sites University Sites/University Sites
This is the collection of university project …
10 October Personal Sites Personal Sites/Personal Sites
This is the collection of personal sites tha …
10 October Search Engines Community Section/Search Engines
One of the biggest challenges on the Web is …
10 October Shopping Community Section/Shopping
If you ever wished to purchase an item from …
10 October Copyright Website Usage/Copyright
TrademarksBrigatti On-line is a pendin …
10 October Terms of Use Website Usage/Terms of Use
This site is controlled and operated b …
10 October Privacy Policy Website Usage/Privacy Policy
This information is primarily used to pr …
10 October Disclaimer Website Usage/Disclaimer
9 October Community Community Section/Community
This section of the website provides some …
12 September CV Resume CV Resume/CV Resume
If you would like to find out more about M …
11 September Welcome to Brigatti Online News/Site News
A very warm welcome to Brigatti …
30 November Tribute to our Father Tribute to our Father/Tribute to our Father
It is with great sadness that at 12:53GMT on Sat …
1 November Kenyan Safari Archived Blog/Default Category
1 July MSc Dissertation - Update Archived Blog/Default Category
14 May New Glasses! Archived Blog/Default Category
14 April Wade NatWest Porcelain Piggy Banks Archived Blog/Default Category
28 March I've upgraded my Motorola V600 phone to a Samsung D500 - and boy it's brilliant! Archived Blog/Default Category
18 December More photos added to website Archived Blog/Default Category
18 December Christmas 2004 Archived Blog/Default Category
16 December My webdesign Portfolio Archived Blog/Default Category
26 November Internet Archive Archived Blog/Default Category
16 October BBC - What's your personality type? Archived Blog/Default Category
16 October Archived Blog/Default Category
1 August Brigatti Blog: My First Blog Archived Blog/Default Category
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