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6 December British Gas Homecare - Another knight are episode Blog/Default Category
31 August My 3 year car service - that means MOT time Blog/Default Category
27 June British Gas Ombudsman Response Blog/Default Category
24 April Fantastic opportunity on the horizon Blog/Default Category
19 February Renault Clio Bonnet Catch Failure - Stupid VOSA and Stupid PSHO! Blog/Default Category
28 January Travel System 'Feature' Blog/Default Category
22 December VOSA Response (it continues!) Blog/Default Category
6 December Referral of VOSA (in)actions to Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Blog/Default Category
4 December RIP Janet Thomas Blog/Default Category
28 October Birthday Meal - Chequers Inn, Maresfield Blog/Default Category
21 October Holiday Time - Yay! Blog/Default Category
22 June TalkTalk (Tiscali) Finally Act! Blog/Default Category
20 June Abysmal Service from Tiscali (now TalkTalk) Blog/Default Category
21 May New Government but same old Department of Transport Blog/Default Category
16 May Session in London Blog/Default Category
20 April Another lousy response from VOSA - shame on the COO! Blog/Default Category
2 April VOSA - my follow-up letter to Chief Operations Officer Blog/Default Category
1 April Crappy response from VOSA Chief Operations Officer - deserves a follow-up letter in return! Blog/Default Category
1 April O2 Open - Can I get more cashback? Blog/Default Category
26 March Follow-up to Renault France & UK - second chance for a thorough reply to my letter Blog/Default Category
13 March Thai Airlines Flight Disappointment - VERY Old Plane! Blog/Default Category
13 March Hilton Hua Hin Resort - Luvly Hotel in a luvly Area. Marvellous Time! Blog/Default Category
2 August Trip to Yerevan, Armenia Blog/Default Category
17 July Kustur Club Holiday Village, Kusadasi, Turkish Holiday Blog/Default Category
3 May Relaxing Bank Holiday Weekend Blog/Default Category
15 April BT Landline - still required!! Blog/Default Category
7 April Overdraft Bank Charges Refunds - what?? Blog/Default Category
21 February Amex Insurance - Continous Cock-Ups!! Blog/Default Category
11 January Amex Insurance Claim - Due a Non-Automatic Renewal Issue Blog/Default Category
1 November Birthday Weekend in Tallinn, Estonia Blog/Default Category
28 September American Express - Five Year Anniversary Blog/Default Category
3 July Lovely Trip to Georgia Blog/Default Category
4 May Las Vegas Business Conference - June 2008 Blog/Default Category
4 May Plus.Net - Increase in Bandwidth Limits Blog/Default Category
10 February Las Vegas Business Conference - June 2008 Blog/Default Category
2 February Number 10's Response on VOSA's Actions RE Clio Bonnets Blog/Default Category
19 January Renault Clio - Another Letter to Renault UK MD Blog/Default Category
12 January Speed Test Blog/Default Category
9 December Christmas Letter 2007 Blog/Default Category
22 October Renault Clios - 10 Downing Street Statement Blog/Default Category
15 October Splendour of Egypt: Feedback for Recent Bales Trip to Egypt – 22nd Sept to 4th Oct Blog/Default Category
7 October Egypt Holiday: Cairo and Nile Cruise Blog/Default Category
15 September Holiday Time (again!?) Blog/Default Category
30 August Greek Forest Fires Blog/Default Category
3 July VOSA's Response to My MPs Enquiries Blog/Default Category
19 June Greece Assignment - My Greek Role Going Forward and EBT Mess-Up Blog/Default Category
8 June Greece Assignment - Office Move and Taxi Trip to Port Blog/Default Category
2 June Natwest ATM, Online and Telephone Services Crash Blog/Default Category
21 May Santorini Holiday - Day 3 Blog/Default Category
8 May Greek Assignment - Skiathos Island Hop Blog/Default Category
30 March Greek Assignment - Almost the Weekend Blog/Default Category
29 March Greek Assignment - Settling In Blog/Default Category
28 March Greek Assignment - 2nd Day Blog/Default Category
27 March Surprise Call from BBC Watchdog Blog/Default Category
27 March Greek Assignment - Safe Arrival Blog/Default Category
17 March Renault Statement to Mark-2 Reported Case Owners Blog/Default Category
3 March Renault: another letter to HQ!! Blog/Default Category
3 February Professional Opportunities Past and Pending Blog/Default Category
23 January Renault Clios - Their Continous Denials Blog/Default Category
8 July Fantastic day at SW19 3 stunning matches!!! Oh yes!! Blog/Default Category
27 March A life-threatening near miss with my Renault Clio on 27th March Blog/Default Category
10 October Contact Us Contact Us/Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, or en …
10 October Client Sites Client Sites/Client Sites
This is the collection of client sites that …
10 October Personal Sites Personal Sites/Personal Sites
This is the collection of personal sites tha …
10 October Search Engines Community Section/Search Engines
One of the biggest challenges on the Web is …
10 October Shopping Community Section/Shopping
If you ever wished to purchase an item from …
10 October Copyright Website Usage/Copyright
TrademarksBrigatti On-line is a pendin …
10 October Terms of Use Website Usage/Terms of Use
This site is controlled and operated b …
9 October Shareware Links Community Section/Shareware Links
Downloads The following are a selection o …
30 November Broadband, Telephone and Digital TV Service Blog/Default Category
30 November Tribute to our Father Tribute to our Father/Tribute to our Father
It is with great sadness that at 12:53GMT on Sat …
16 March Work? Is the current role right for me? Archived Blog/Default Category
2 March Redbus Interhouse - or is that Archived Blog/Default Category
24 December Another GMail Copycat? Archived Blog/Default Category
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