Leaving Doo in and Around Marina Bay (16th Dec 2011)

Yay, it is my final day in the office, but the time is come to celebrate with a big ol’ customary Leaving Event in Marina Bay (okay probably better if I say “around” the Bay and not “in” (luckily) – though it was a bit wet with a torrential downpour an hour before the event started – but I had faith it would dry out, and it did – phew!).

Anyway, I had booked up the Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant at Customs House, with a bar tab behind the bar, ordered some finger food and acknowledged that Happy Hour would stop at 7pm sharp, so ensured we had plenty of time to enjoy it – we probably could have started the event at 4pm – haha! :)   The invite went out, I gave plenty of notice, about 4 weeks in some cases, and everything was set for a wicked event. 

Event sponsored by Citibank (if only) - and I mustn't forget picturing my Vacuum Flask for a volunteer event the previous week :)

Event sponsored by Citibank (if only) - and I mustn't forget picturing my Vacuum Flask for a volunteer event the previous week :)

I also sent out my formal farewell note to the my team’s JAPA Division and the open invite went out with this.  It was great to see sooo many people pop by or grab me as I went around my farewell errands – it is such a great bunch of people, great team, great spirits and I will surely miss each and every one of them! 

But at least I have managed to celebrate the past 6 months hard work and adventures with a great send off.  They were brilliant to buy me a “I ♥ Singapore” T-Shirt, which I wore with pride for the event and after-party!  They even wrote very cute messages on it – haha!  I will definitely treasure this and put it in a frame – hehe!

After the drinks there was about 10 of us left, so we went up to Kinki’s for more drinks and dancing, to meet-up with one of the group’s mates who was up there.  A nice quaint Japanese club that overlooks Marina Bay and the MBS complex!  A group of us decided to then venture to Avalon, and we managed to get in free – courtesy of another of the group members – thanks mate!  I love Avalon – great place, great fun!

Anyway, I will stop waffling now, and simply end this post with the various photos taken throughout the night – to signify how fun the event was!  AMAZING NIGHT!

Thanks to EVERYONE who turned up or passed on their greetings to me throughout the day – you are all special people, a lot of you have turned into friends and will certainly remain as friends after I leave.  Great people, made my 6 months here soooo pleasureable, and actually made it VERY difficult to want to leave.  We’ll see what happens.

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