My Last Singapore Blog Post – the Time Has Come to Say I ….

The time has come to say I ♥ Singapore!

Well the time has finally arrived, today’s the final day and week and month in Singapore as I prepare for my return back to the UK – and back to my role in the Amex-Brighton office.  Would be great to see everyone again and get back to my previous routine.

What can I say to summarise my work experience here in Singapore – words that I can only thing of are: amazing, fantastic, thrilling, challenging, humourous (at times), hot, humid, warm, great chums, fun company, exciting and love!

The last work-week (w/c 12th December) was incredibly busy, with events on every day and evening – ranging from a festive Christmas lunch, a Tatler Food Fair, Korean BBQ Leaving Dinner, Leaving Doo Dai Tai Fung lunch, my own leaving event and the Team Christmas Dinner. 

The last week of my Singapore presence involved a holiday in Koh Samui – which was very relaxing, getting to know a special someone when I returned for my last couple of days in Singapore, before I left for my long flight back to the UK. 

I am going to miss a fair number of friends that I got to know throughout the past 6 months – they are all a great bunch of people, very sincere, very respectful and helped me throughout my time, and of course, there is a special someone too that I met most recently.  I am hopeful that I am able to come back at some point in 2012 – I can see why so many people love singapore, I certainly do!

So, this will be my last ever Singapore Adventure blog entry – it has been an amazing 6 months of hard work, fun and enjoyment – but all good things have to come to an end at some point. 

May I lastly take this opportunity to wish all of my family, friends and readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This is Aaron Brigatti and I am signing off from the Singapore Adventures blog…

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