My Return Flight Suitcase – Mince-Pie Filling

I was scheduled to return back to Singapore after the 1 week UK-home-leave trip, so I thought, that I would bring back my empty suitcase in preparation of the stuff I had to bring home at the end of my GRP assignment.  Well it is always the way that you find that you have more stuff then space in the suitcaes, so I thought I’d play safe.

So rather than come with an empty suitcase which would feel weird I thought I would be bring Guinness, Mince Pies and Celebrations – hahaha – for the Team that is!

My Festive Treat-Filled Suitcase

My Festive Treat-Filled Suitcase

I then did a bit of research on the Pressurised Cans – and realised that it could create a problem if they are smashed open or damaged in-flight, so I decided against bringing the Guinness…would also ruin the mince pies – then again, Guinness Mince Pies – yummy :)

I sent a note out on Monday, and the team certainly enjoyed them!  They went down a storm – could to be remembered for something – ergh the “Mince Pie Man” :)   hehe!

Exceeding Festive Mince pies…well if you are akin to Mr Kipling’s marketing slogan – this will be familiar with you!

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