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NASA – Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) – 8th Nov 2011

Wow talk about getting weird – my infamous ‘Weird Cloud Shoots’ video on Youtube is definitely getting the media attention. If you haven’t seen it…here it is: I already had a Japanese Media Company contact me, and this aired in … Continue reading

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Those Weird Cloud Videos – 209k + 42k Viewings

Well you really are not going to believe this, I’ve checked back on the youtube videos that I posted on 15th August and the viewing stats are now at a staggering 209k and 42k for the two videos. Wow! That’s … Continue reading

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Wet Wet Wet

Well what a refreshing break, it has generally been wet for the past couple of weeks. Usually Singapore gets the odd day-long wet day, but over the past week or so we have had a few ‘more’ of these types … Continue reading

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Weird Cloud Effects Whilst Pool Side

Well on Sunday, whilst relaxing pool-side at my Apartment in Singapore, I saw a glimpse in the corner of my eye of a light in the skies above me. So I looked up and stared into the skies for a … Continue reading

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Weather forecast for the week…

Well it is quite easy….sunny, sometimes a bit of cloud, an occassional shower, hot and humid… ergh that’s about it for every day this week, the next week, the following week, the week after that and so on.  You get the … Continue reading

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