Melaka Holiday – Day 2: Pulau Melaka and Masjid Selat Mosque

Did you know that there was a manmade island build just off Melaka City – well there is. It’s called … wait for it … “Pulau Melaka“, which means … wait for it again … yup you’ve guessed it “Malacca Island”!!

They are building lots of things on this island, from a Hotel complex, waterfront villas, cable car (I guess to connect to the mainland), Malaysian Eye and Theme Park and a Commerical complex.  WOW!  And what’s currently there – well half-finished buildings, hardly anyone, BUT there is the Masjid Selat Mosque (Selat Mosque, Malacca).

Currently (until the cable car is built) there is only a road-bridge (with a pavement luckily) – that connects the main City to the Island.  I decided to walk around the area and then across the bridge to visit the Mosque.  There were a few people fishing off the side of the bridge, and actually quite a few couples who had stopped their cars, and were overlooking the Melaka Straits together – how cute :)   Looked very romantic indeed!

I was aiming to get an amazing photo of the Mosque at soon as the sun went down (dusk) but the storm clouds were building just off the coast – so I don’t think I could hang around before the skies opened and the down pour of rain came.  So I just enjoyed walking around the Mosque (BTW: they have robes for those who are wearing shorts!) and ventured back again towards the China Town area for dinner :)

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