Global Rotation Programme

Just a short introduction on what the Global Rotation Programme (GRP) is all about.

It is a structured learning and development programme to develop the employees in an alternative area of the business than they are currently operating within.  It is usually located in a different region or division, but in some cases it could still be within the same Country, but a different business group.  In my case, I stayed in the same Division (Global Network Services), but in a different area and location of the team.

Why the GRP and Not Just a Relocation?
Normally when an employee relocates, the employee would have to manage the process of the relocation.  Generally, you would also need to sort out all of the paperwork required to support the move – this includes the logistics of the move, work-permit, flights, accommodation etc.  Whilst the GRP provides an overall structure around all of this, enabling the employee to simply focus on the role and assignment itself.  This is an incredibly unique opportunity and the placements offered are extremely limited (10 in the Wave-2 – which was the one I applied for in late-March).

Whilst the programme is focused on the placement role, it also provides a great opportunity to experience a new business market/region or geographic country, and this is one reason why I chose the Singapore placement.  Having pondered whether I “could” survive in the SE Asia area (I always thought about giving Hong Kong ago – where my mum is from and where her family are largely based) so Singapore would provide this opportunity.  Most importantly, I didn’t have to “overcommit” myself, as it was a limited period only.

What happens after the GRP?
Well the placement is for a maximum 6-month period only, so like a secondment, at the end of this period of time, I would return to my previous role in Brighton as a Senior Project Manager.  Having said that one cannot say that things won’t change after the placement, one has to keep ones eyes open to ideas and any opportunity that may arise – it does enable you to ‘open your eyes’ and think about what else is out there (as they say you grow from these types of experience).  So one has to keep ones options open – that might become apparent both in Singapore and back in the UK.  Else, I would enjoy the opportunity and go back into my old routine with my previous team without issue.

Anyway, I hope this clears up the background of the placement.  It really is one of those once in a lifetime moments, and it is great to be part of it!  Most importantly, I must ensure that I have some fun during this time – because there is soooo much to learn from this opportunity, both inside and outside of the work role – including the types of Countries that I want to visit during the 6 month period.  The question is more about do I have enough holiday-days to support this :)

I do have to lastly say many thanks to the Executive Sponsor of this programme, without him I would not have been able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity – so thanks Ed!  I really appreciate it!

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