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NASA – Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) – 8th Nov 2011

Wow talk about getting weird – my infamous ‘Weird Cloud Shoots’ video on Youtube is definitely getting the media attention. If you haven’t seen it…here it is: I already had a Japanese Media Company contact me, and this aired in … Continue reading

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Those Weird Cloud Videos – 209k + 42k Viewings

Well you really are not going to believe this, I’ve checked back on the youtube videos that I posted on 15th August and the viewing stats are now at a staggering 209k and 42k for the two videos. Wow! That’s … Continue reading

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Funny Friday – Views from Office

Well it felt like a funny Friday, well in my book at least.  Everyone was in a merry mood, everyone was up for some fun, and most importantly, I was up for some enjoyment too!  Ha! Anyway, whilst we were … Continue reading

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Weird Cloud Effects Whilst Pool Side

Well on Sunday, whilst relaxing pool-side at my Apartment in Singapore, I saw a glimpse in the corner of my eye of a light in the skies above me. So I looked up and stared into the skies for a … Continue reading

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