Kite Festival Singapore

Having been keeping a watchful eye on the Singapore Tourist website (well I am still a Tourist, no?), I noted that there was  Kite Festival in town for the 3rd – 4th September weekend.  It was located on the the Promontory Marina Bay area, which ironically was next to my office location in Marina Bay.

I think it would be great to see, and if the weather holds off, it was surely going to be an amazing sight - especially with the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Marina Bay Sands backdrops.

So we went stayed around Marina Bay on our tour of the vicinity at around 4pm made our way to the area around Marina Bay Financial Centre, and then enjoyed the sights of the kites as they went up into the air.  I was more excited to see the ‘professional’ kite flyers to see their tools and techniques that they deploy to make an amazing visual display in the skies – and I must admit they all gave me a chuckle, especially the ‘pants’ ones, and the more advance ‘larger’ variety…

There was a huge one that I was going to watch fly up into the skies, but I think the wind died down too much to really make it worthwhile, so even though they attempted a few flights, they gave up when the kite didn’t take off.

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