Formula One – Preview of the Circuit

Well it is best to take the tour before the hundreds and thousands of ‘guests’ of Singapore visit…that and because as of 00:01 this morning (Wednesday), the road closures were in full effect (until Tuesday 05:00).

This meant that for once, you can walk around the circuit without the risk of getting run over.  Okay that bit is not entirely true, as there is still that risk that this will happen, as the folks were driving around sorting out the various aspects of the circuit…including speeding around in their FIA vehicles to ‘test’ the circuit.  There was also a lot of road-sweeping going on, I guess you don’t want to risk of driving million pounds worth of motor-vehicle to have to pull over and to call the AA to change one of those expensive race tyres!!

They were still putting the finishing touches to the main safety barriers, viewing screens (to prevent gate-crashes trying to ‘view’ the race) and the various paint-jobs that had to take place to make it look perfect…Oh and of course adding the sponsorship flair around the race circuit.  The guys were also still installing the cabling for the sound-system (mics etc), rubber-curb strips added to the various corners to make it far more interesting, the visual-system installed around the circuit (more cabling).  You can start to feel the atmosphere already!

So I met up with Raffi after work around the Merlion and took a nice scenic tour around the Circuit…the best thing about it, is that it was great watching the various elements fall into place, and how you start to feel the vibe even before the crowds of people appear!

T-Minus 2-days and counting!

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