Marina Bay Sands – Singapore and F1 Circuit From Above

One of my “to-do’s” was to visit the Marina Bay Sands, the Multi-Billion pound shopping (cost S$8 billion), casino and hotel complex at Marina Bay.

The infamous bit about the Marina Bay Sands Complex, was the view from the 56th floor Observation deck, and the Infinity Pool located on the 57th floor.  For S$20 for a single-entry ticket, I think it was pretty good value.  The best time to go is around late afternoon so that you can witness the dusk and sunsetting across the Singapore horizon.  However, we had an even better reason to go up today – to see the Formula One Circuit and the Lights through the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Shame that it was a bit cloudy this evening, so we missed the sun-set, but seeing the view from the top, the lit Formula One circuit from above and the Infinity Pool were simply amazing!  The photos for the Infinity Pool to be posted later :)

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