Cruising down the F1GP Pit Straight

Well I thought I would take my Aunt, Cousin and Mum down the F1GP circuit – or what’s left of it, as the Singapore Engineer’s dismantle the structures and fixtures as quickly as they appeared.

Thinking of this through, it seems that they probably spend half of the year planning the F1GP, and the rest of the year either assembling or dismantling the equipment.  Funny if you think about it, but it creates work and jobs for people, I guess!  Irrespective of this, I do hope that the Street and Night Circuit does remain in the F1GP Calendar going forward, especially as there is rumours that from next year it will move to a dedicated F1 Circuit in Changi – and there are still question marks on whether the City will continue to pay for the F1 rights going past 2012!

Anyway, I took the trio down the only ‘permanent’ part of the circuit, as the other temporary ‘street’ parts were largely dismantled during the last couple of weeks.  It is good to see that the main structures were still physically in-tact (just about) – especially the Pit Signage and Road Markings.

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