I feel like Chicken Rice Tonight

108 Eating House @ Raffles Place

108 Eating House @ Raffles Place

Well actually this was yesterday (Monday) lunch, and it was my Aunt and Cousin’s last day in Singapore, so I had previously showed them the location of the infamous 108 Eating House in The Arcade at Raffles Place.

This used to be where the Amex offices used to be (in the Hitachi Tower), but since we have moved to Marina Bay Financial Centre, we have missed food places like this!  So every so often, a few people from work order a batch of ‘Chicken Rice’ and we go and collect them from this place.  It’s only about 15 minutes walk from the office – but it’s scorching in the mid-day heat!

108 Eating House is renowed for it simple offering – chicken rice – yup that’s the key food stuff, they offer a couple of types – boiled or roasted, and you can also have it with Chau Sieu .  But it’s delicious either way :)

I was meant to join them for lunch, but I got stuck on a team call which unfortunately wasn’t in my diary (always my luck – ha!), and so I had to ask them for a take-away request for me, whilst they eat lunch there. It actually is one of those eating establishments that you have to get there early – like most of the places in the Central Business District or Marina Bay, where if you leave it to midday, you will have a long wait (queue) for service. So they managed to get their around 11.15am for ‘lunch’ (well an early lunch!). Luckily they did, because around 11.45pm-midday it gets very crowded.

They dropped off my lunch in the lobby of Marina Bay Financial Centre and I said my farewells to them, and made my way back to the office where I opened up the take-away and tucked in – it’s certainly delicious (although, yes it’s not necessarily the healthiest of lunches!)

And what does it look like…well like this – delicious, hey!

The Famous Singaporian Chicken Rice - Yum!

The Famous Singaporian Chicken Rice - Yum!

108 Eating House
Address: #01-08, 11 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049317
Phone: +(65) 6223 3991

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