Welcome Drinks, Birthday Fun and Happy Diwali

It started with a chat with a few colleagues at work, and then we realised that we didn’t seem to have set-up any welcome drinks for 5-6 of the new starters that have joined the team over the past 4 months. So we thought well, what better way to take advantage of the Bank Holiday Wednesday then scheduling some drinkies on Tuesday night and inviting as many people as we could get of the office – ha! :) The biggest challenge with a week-day BH, is that you end up trying to squeeze five day’s worth of work into 4 days :( Hey-ho!

Happy Deepavali 2011

Happy Deepavali 2011

The Bank Holiday in Singapore (and Malaysia / India etc) was to celebrate the Festival of Light, more commonly known as Deepavali or Diwali, and it’s one of the best festivals to experience whilst here in Singapore – especially down Little India. So I will take this opportunity to wish everyone, especially my Indian friends a very Happy Deepavali / Diwali and I hope it brings you luck and success! Oh and remember your families and love ones on this important day :)

My 32nd Happy Birthday - yay!

My 32nd Happy Birthday - yay!

We intended to do a belated welcome for a couple of us (me included), some fresh welcomes to new starters over the past few weeks, Happy Deepavali and last but not least Happy Birthday to me :) My 21st again – haha (I wish)!!

So after work on Tuesday, a group of us went down to drinks at Harrys @ Marina Bay Links to start the session going. Well when I say a group of us, I actually went down there around 5.45pm, because I knew the tables in the outside area of the Bar was pretty popular on any day, let alone the eve of a Bank Holiday. So I had my cheeky Guinness before hand, and then the others started to arrive.

Cheeky Guinness to 'Save' the Table for the others.

Cheeky Guinness to 'Save' the Table for the others.

I think we ended up having 12-14 of us at the end, some leaving a bit early, some staying for a few/several – and then we were down to 4 at the very end :)

After Harry’s we ventured to the 1-Altitude Sky-Pub @ One Raffles Place, but when we arrived they were just closing the Sky-Bar due to a Lightening warning, and everyone was being moved to the 61st in-doors bar. So we decided against going up, but I definitely would come back again – it’s just given me an excuse to set-up another drinking sessions with the chums… I just need to make sure there is no risk of Lightening or Rain showers that day – hahaha!

So the 4 of us headed off to Boat Quay, and the Red Dot Brewhouse, where we stayed for more drinks, some weird shot cocktails, some food (to help line the stomach!) and plenty of fun and chats! It was a nice session, and good to get to know the others more – they are a fine bunch of people, and we definitely had plenty of laughs during the night.

The problem I find with Alcohol is that it makes it difficult for me to get the camera settings right (well I’m a man, and I am allowed to blame the tools!), so I was trying to adjust the settings on my camera when being half out of it – ha… still managed to take a few snaps before the night was out :)

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