Bank Holiday – Friday Drinkies

I wanted to ensure that we had a fair few drinks to celebrate our success of completing yet another busy week of work. This Bank Holiday is called the ‘Eid al-Adha’ (also known as ‘Hara Raya Haji’ or the the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’) is celebrated world-over by the Muslim faith.

So an open invite went out for a few drinkies at Harry’s Bar at Marina Bay Link Mall (usual starting point), before we decided to move on to Overeasy Bar located at One Fullerton – a stretch where there are a number of bars and restaurants between the Fullerton Hotel and Merlion.  We had a few drinks here, and managed to get a seat overlooking the Bay – it was very relaxing, as we chilled in the evening skies of Singapore City, and then enjoyed the Light display from the Marina Bay Sands complex.  I still feel it’s the best side of the Bay to relax and unwind during the weekends. 

After we completed our drinks, we decided to move on to the ‘next establishment’ – we decided to head off to 1-Altitude and I do agree it’s an amazing place to be – located at Raffles Place, just above the main Raffles Place MRT station exits.  It is actually part of the UOB Building – there are two bars located on the 61st floor (282 Bar and City Golf Bar) and a Bar on the 62nd Floor (Stellar Bar), and on the 63rd top-floor, the infamous 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar – which also serves as the Sky-Bar, overlooking the Singapore City skyline.

The crowd are so-so, I do believe that it’s a place to be seen rather than being really being there for the enjoyment.  The DJ sets are pretty good, and the music blares out from the speakers on the roof-top.  The bar is pretty good and the service is ‘adequate’.  You pay $20 to get in, and this includes the first drink.  However, we decided to go for broke and brought a bottle of Famous Grouse Scott’s whisky to enjoy during the night.  It did spit for about 30 minutes or so, but nothing could dampen our enjoyment, and the rain was nothing more than this.  We continued to have fun, and I took some snaps of the amazing skyline (albeit (again) struggling to get the settings right on the camera – I blame the alcohol :) )

The best to enjoy the night – well order some Fries and Pizza of course, so we did. I was dreading the next morning – it wasn’t like I had a holiday coach to catch mid-morning or something important like that…hang on…oh bugger!

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