Melaka Holiday – Day 2: T-Bowl Dinner

Well I wanted to try this ‘Toilet-themed’ restaurant, if and when I visited Taipai in Taiwan, but I noticed that there was one opened here in Melaka when I went for my stroll on Day-1, so I decided to give it a go for dinner.  It was called T-Bowl.

After my stroll around Pulau Melaka (Malacca Island), I went by here and noticed that there was quite a few patrons, so decided to give it a go.  I went in and was shown to a table, and ordered – what was a Chicken Stir-Fry dish with Iced Green Tea. 

It took about 15 minutes for my drink to arrive, and then I waited and enjoyed the atmosphere – I then started to realise that a few tables had been waiting a while for their dishes, including me, so I looked down at my watch, and noticed that 45 minutes had flown by and still no food.  I had made eye contact with a few of the waiting staff, and they knew that I was waiting, and they continued to walk back and forth from the kitchen and counter. 

After another 10 minutes, I finally summoned one of them and asked what was happening with the food – they duly summoned the manager and she came over, and she said there was a delay with the food orders, I told her that I will give them another 5 minutes before I will walk out, she said she would find out and come back to me.  She promptly came back to me and said it would take longer than this, I then told her to cancel the order and I will pay for my drink and leave. 

As she provided the bill, I took it the counter where the manager had returned too, and ‘raised my voice’ stating that what the heck was going on in the kitchen, as waiting for an hour for a dish was absolutely disgusting.  I told her that I had noticed that various tables were also still waiting for their food – she simply apologised, but I told her that apologies didn’t work, and that they had failed on the most simpliest tasks in a restaurant – to serve the food and keep the customer happy.  I requested my change and then stormed out.  I could see that she was trembling, and I feel she had realised that I was right!

Shockingly bad, poor service, poor management, and overall a disappointing experience!  This place will fail if they continued like this!

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant – Melaka
Melaka Raya
No. 619 Jalan TMR 10
Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: +606 283 0787

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