Melaka Holiday – Day 3: Morning Stroll and Brekkie

Another day in Melaka – and I was lucky to have the whole Dorm to myself :) I decided to go for an early-stroll around China Town, and noticed how quiet and empty it was, compared with the busy night market the night before. No sign of the stalls or outlets that existed at all :) Amazing the difference between night and day!

I was looking for another ‘eating’ establishment, but nothing was opened yet, except Tim Sum, so I decided to go back to this place again :) Why ruin a winning formula!

After breakfast I decided to go for a nice long walk, and walked along past Discovery Cafe and some of the alley ways back towards the river. Along one of the alley-ways, I noticed a good ol’ barber shop, in a basic looking shop. The local accommodation (shacks) were also still dotted around, which I guess were the ‘norm’ before the significant development across the City.

I continued walking along the water-front along the river until I had enough. What I had noticed is that they had created a lot of colour along the main walkway, as they painted designs on several of the buildings – it actually looked beautiful – and really put some colour to the water-front. If only I knew about this area, I would have come at night too :)

I stopped when I reached the Kampung Morten District – as I recalled this was the final destination of the boat cruise that flows up the river. I assumed that there wasn’t much else up the river to see or enjoy, so I crossed the river, enjoyed the ‘modern’ Kampung Morten area and decided to walk back. I passed a food court and saw a number of locals playing an interesting board game, so I stayed for a couple of games and enjoyed the atmosphere (and cigarette smoke – haha!). They explained to me that this was Malaysian Chess (more like our version of Draughts), which was based on a 12×12 table. Didn’t understand all of the ‘local’ version of the game rules, but it was similar to draughts as I knew it :)

After returning back to the main part of the City, I ventured down some back lanes and alleyways, which was quite fascinating. You know something, I actually think Melaka is an enjoyable and refreshing city :)

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