Rocks Urban Grill – Possible Leaving Party Venue

Well one needs to have lunch, so what better way to determine a possible leaving party venue, then trying one out.  Haha!

Rocks Urban Grill was recommended to me, it is on the first floor of the Sail @ Marina Bay, and it is quite close to the MBFC Office (actually opposite), so it would be a place that is still a short walking distant to aid my colleagues :)   (well one has to be mindful if the rain storms starts just as everyone is going to my leaving party after work).

Anyway, we went to the place, quite easy to go to, but there is a chance that you will still get wet as you have to walk across the open air between the MBFC complex and the Marina Bay Sands – OR take the longer walkway underneath the surface in the Marina Bay Links Mall.

We visited Rocks, and had a nice relaxing lunch, and it was a nice setting to relax.  It looks over the Marina Bay, so it’s actually not a bad setting indeed.

I went for the Seabass with Endive with Olive Oil and Lemon Sauce – with a refreshing Vanilla and Mango Ice Cream dessert – yummy!

The venue seemed a nice option for my leaving doo, so I tentatively booked it up – securing the area around the bar for the 12-15 people I was expecting to come.  However, having looked at the menu prices and the drinks – it looked a bit pricey – and most importantly, there was no drinks or food discount (booooooo!!) – not even a Happy Hour – hey-ho, so I decided to go to another place (another post on that!).

It was still a nice and relaxing lunch though! :)

Rocks Urban Grill & Bar
2 Marina Boulevard
Sail @ Marina Bay # 02-01/02
Singapore, 018987
Tel: +65 6438 4404

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