Daebak Korean BBQ Leaving Dinner – Hot Deskers

We attempted to schedule a Korean BBQ night a couple of weeks back, but with the downpour that day, and people working late, we decided to postpone, so what better way than re-scheduling during my last week in the office – where the event transitioned into a leaving dinner – hehe!

A group of us from the hot-desks joined in for a night of fun, fun, fun (well okay apart from the damn MRT issues which we luckily avoided (initially)). So Pearly, Alisha, Chloe, Jean, Amarnath, Calvin, Shyamendren (and Neha in Absentee) and I walked to Amoy Street, where we had booked a side-table at Daebak Korean Restaurant – for a fantastic Korean BBQ meal! Yum yum!

Pearly and Chloe kindly did the ordering and arranged the booking (thanks both!) – and we simply enjoyed a fantastic night, fun company, great food, plenty of laughs and lots of chatting – what a wonderful night, what great chums, great friends indeedy – thanks to you all – you are really special people!

Onto the leaving drinks on Friday then :) Haha!

PS: this is the forth day in the row of drinkies, foodies, and recovering…haha! Boy this is going to be a hard work!!! Hehe!

Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant
98 Amoy Street
Tel: +65 6226 0450

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