F1 Grand Prix Weekend is Just Around the Corner

Well this time next week, I will be watching the F1 GP around Singapore City.  It is sure going to be one of highlights of my stay in Singapore, mainly as I’ve never experienced a F1 race before in the flesh.  I can’t wait to hear the roar of the mighty motor cars as they speed through the streets of Singapore.  Rumours has it that this will be the last street-race, as Singapore are proposing to build a purpose-built circuit at Changi…

A mate of mine is coming by to visit next week, so we will definitely try to make the most of that weekend…Oh and yes I’ve booked the Friday off…coincidently, it is Arthur Guinness day from 17:59 on Thursday, 22nd to Friday, 23rd…methinks it is going to be a fun day!

The atmosphere will be lightening, I just hope we don’t get hit by any of the NASA Satellite that is hurtling towards the earth that weekend…if so I hope it avoids hitting us both:)

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