Family Tour of Marina Bay

As my Aunt, Cousin and Mum were here this weekend, I decided to be a tour-guide and take them around Marina Bay.  I firstly showed them the offices and area where I work (Marina Bay Financial Centre) and then we walked along the Bay waterfront so we could take a view across the Bay towards the Central Business District.

I then took them to the infamous Marina Bay Sands complex – both the Shopping Mall and the Hotel complex behind it.

We took the opportunity to also visit the world’s largest LV store on the Planet, including browsing inside the shop.  I was ‘almost’ tempted in buying a nice LV wallet, but at the cost of S$850, I almost had a heart-attack.  But if there are anyone generous enough out there, I can tell you the one if you want to buy it for me – as a Birthday pressie – lol!!  The store itself was 3 stories high – which was amazing, as from the outside it doesn’t look that big, but it sure is!!  I highly recommend a visit if you are around the Marina Bay Sands complex – but I do recommend taking the under cover short-cut from within the Shopping Mall itself, rather than doing what I did and take the outside entrance :)   Whoops!

We then went to the food court for an enjoyable lunch at the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall Food Court – I was expecting this to be quite pricey, but actually it was similar prices to the one at ION Orchard – so that wasn’t too bad at all.  It was nice and clean, and a good variety of Food Stalls and cuisine delights were on offer!  Nice!

I took them along the Helix foot bridge where we took a few more snaps at one of the viewing platforms.  The bridge actually does make a good photo backdrop.

We did a final photo opportunity, with the Marina Bay Sands and Arts Science Museum Backdrop – for my mum.  What a great back-drop it is!

The Marina Bay Sands (the one that looks like a Floating Boat) and Art Science Museum (the one that looks like the Lotus Leaf)

The Marina Bay Sands (the one that looks like a Floating Boat) and Art Science Museum (the one that looks like the Lotus Leaf)

I then took them around a tour of the F1GP Circuit (which is on another blog post) – well the Grandstand and Pit Lane area, before a rain shower occurred, which meant that we had to huddle at the Singapore Flyer Food Court – for a refreshing Sugar Cane and Ice Dessert time-out! :)

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