Avalon Clubbing Night (after a few drinks)

I was looking forward to go to Avalon (the iconic Hollywood club that came to Singapore!), since I heard that it had opened here last month, and it was meant to be an intimate experience inside. It officially opened on 16th September, just in time for the F1GP weekend and has had pretty fave reviews since opening -well being part of the Marina Bay Sands complex, it’s hard not to succeed, I guess! BTW: did you know that Avalon means Apple.

Avalon Singapore

Avalon Singapore

A bit spontaenous, but that’s how I like it (sometimes), I decided to give it a go this weekend, so I dropped a message to Alan, an expat chat that I got to know here in Singapore, and we decided to visit it. As it opened around 10pm, we didn’t feel like going too early – the vibe isn’t that brilliant when the crowds are very thin (numbers, not their physique! Ha!).

Before meeting up with Alan, I had a cheeky Corona at Boomberang, which was surprisingly deserted versus the swarm of drinkers who would normally go to watch the Rugby World Cup. I guess there wasn’t a lot of sport on to lure the crowds that evening (well there was a Wolves and Swansea football game (or as my US colleagues would say ‘soccer’) – hmmm, enough said!) I then joined him for a few more bevvies a further down Robertson Quay at a place oddly-called “Brussels Sprouts” – I guess you can’t forget a name like that! They actually had quite an impressive beer menu – must have been about 45-50 choices – but they didn’t have Guinness Stout on the tap (shock horror!)…they just the Foreign Export bottle variety :(

We left the group that we were with, and headed back towards Clarke Quay, we actually noticed that there was another Premiership game on at a bar further down, so we decided to go in for another beer before we headed to the club – this goes back to the mentality of rather go when it’s settled down, rather than be the first on the dance floor – well, have you SEEN my dancemoves? Haha! :) It was the Newcastle against Wigan game, and it seemed quite a tight match with a couple of good shots and saves. We left when there was about 10 minutes to go in the second half, just after Newcastle scored the what-will-become winning goal!

We then caught a taxi to Avalon Nightclub alighting just alongside the Marina Bay Financial Centre, so we could walk down to the club. We arrived around 11pm and surprisingly there was no queue, but they still made us ‘wait’ for a few minutes until the walkway cleared of people. I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the area…

The entry ticket was S$35 – but includes a free drink at the bar once inside. Avalon is a great little place, situated over two floors – the VIP get the top deck, whilst the ‘others’ (e.g. us) get the lower floor where the DJ booths are.

The Avalon DJ Booth

The Avalon DJ Booth

Actually in a place like this, having a VIP table doesn’t really work, as the vibe is on the dance floor not at the tables. The great part of the club was the location (remember: location, location, location!) – overlooking Marina Bay and the skyline was pretty fabulous. The atmosphere was pretty cool overall, and the clientele in the place was very pleasing to view indeed – we mingled on the dance floor for all of the night and early morning, only venturing to grab another bevvie from the bar.

The service at the bar was very quick, although watch how they serve your beer, as they usually leave such a head on it, that by the time they serve you it’s not a “full pint” – I had to ask them to top them up on one of the rounds! The music rocked nicely – but I must admit that when you are close to the DJ booth and speakers, it is quite deafening. Maybe I should have brought along my F1 ear-plugs :) Ha!

Anyway, a fun and enjoyable night, and you never know we might be doing this again very soon!

Address: Marina Bay Sands, South Crystal Pavilion, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972
Phone: +65 6597 8325
E-mail: avalon@avalon.sg
Website: www.avalon.sg

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