Blarney Irish Pub and Marina Bay Sands Casino

Friday night started with a few drinks with a couple of work colleagues started at Blarney’s, an Irish Pub across from Marina Bay Financial Centre (part of the Marina Bay Sail complex) and then we would decide wherever took our fancy after this.

We grabbed a couple of drinks (Guinness of course!) and then we decided to order some food…so we went for a couple of mini-pizza’s (which are similar to that server at Harry’s), Kebabs (no match to the Raffles Place Bistro) and then a portion of deef-fried Soft-Shell Crab (pretty tasty!). The food was ‘okay’, I wouldn’t say the best I’ve had, but it was pretty reasonable for what we had, so i shouldn’t complain (much!).

After this, one of the group left, which left myself and another work colleague at the table. We finished off, and then we wanded back to the office to see who was left and to refresh ourselves (there was far more toilets in our office than the restaurant (only one for the gents) – ha!). We were fascinated to see how many people were left behind at around 8.30pm, and amazing there was still a few people around – on a FRIDAY night! Hmmm… Any how, after we went back to the lobby and we joked whether we should wander to the Casino, and then said that would be a great idea, so we did.

We walked to Marina Bay Sands and entered the Casino – it was a busy place, and we took the opportunity to walk around and watch a few games of Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. One particular game caught my attention, but I asked my colleague that I didn’t understand how to play, so he told me how. It was a Chinese-version of Roulette, but seemed quite fascinating. It is actually called “Sic Bo” which means Dice Pair, and you aim to predict the values of the shake of 3 dice, under a dice shaker. It is a game of probability, luck and calcuation (for me more of luck!), but I was told that you have to look at the patterns of the previous ‘throws’ (which are displayed on the LCD board) to determine the likelihood of the next result and work out the probabilities from that – and actually that is exactly what most of the gamblers actually did. Gripping stuff this gambling malarkey :)

Sic Bo - The Chinese Roulette Table

Sic Bo - The Chinese Roulette Table

It was so interesting, I found myself grossly reading the calculations and discretely observing how the other folks were placing the bets. Of course, you spread the risk the more bets you put down, with the main aim of striking lucky with the odds of the winning bet.

I decided to play safe, and although I generally won a few times, it wasn’t anything big, and actually I ended the night with my money back (S$50) (oooh get me – big spender – ha!).

Yeah - my winning chips at the end of night...all of S$50 - haha!

Yeah - my winning chips at the end of night...all of S$50 - haha!

Well it was a lame betting night I know (for me), but I wasn’t really in the mood of losing my shirt at this place. There was a time I got S$80, but lost a bit towards the end. Anyway, after about an hour or so, we called it a night, but when I cashed out, I was looking out how much people people were cashing out in the queue in front of me – some were in the hundreds, and there were somes that were in the several hundreds and in some cases couple of thousands of dollars (if not more!) - WOW!

Then again, one only needs to work out how much they better in the first place to see whether they made money that night or not.   On this point, I have seen people change S$500 dollars to S$1k in chips (and place the equiv of this on the table in one go) – risky folk I know or just plain stupid gamblers, or probability experts? :)   I dunno what you want to call them, but I guess this is what they do for a thrill!  I just didn’t fancy joining the high-risk club at this moment in time…so I played safe (for that night, at least!)

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