Nueva Cuban Bar and Restaurant – Leaving Venue

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant

Well my leaving venue is sorted for next Friday.  I booked up at Nueva Cuban Bar and Restaurant at Customs House near to our office – hopefully it will be a great event.

The numbers of attendees seems to be increasing, so I may have to order more food. I originally advised the numbers to be between 12-15 (what I was expecting), but looking at my invite list and confirmed attendees, and the additional extras, methinks it will be more like 25-30! Haha – it’s sure going to be a laugh! :) I still don’t know what the plans are after this, but hopefully some enjoyable…

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant Menu

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant Menu

I’ve visited there last Tuesday to order some finger food and ensure that I was able to commit my booking (putting down the S$100 deposit).  Hopefully the event won’t go over my deposit, but I am certainly going to ensure it is a fantastic evening out.

A great way to celebrate my 6 months assignment here with Amex Singapore.  I’ve had a blast of a time, as I begin my final week of work, before my 2 week holiday!

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant
Customs House #01-03
70 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049323
Tel: +65 6535 0538

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