Community Event Followed by Drinks

Well I am glad to see that even in the tough working climate, we are still able to contribute to society and the local community – true Blue Box Corporate Social Responsibility!  We were tasked to paint 29 condos/apartments owned by elderly people located in the East side of Singapore, and just over 200 Amex volunteers contributed by taking time out of their busy schedule to support this worthy cause.  It was tough work, but we really focused on the task in hand to achieve an amazing success!

It was a great team spirit, and we finished our tasks of painting the walls, cleaning the apartment, painting the kitchen, skirtings and covings (and some of us painted the ceiling too!).  We then moved all of the furniture back again and helped our with any other tasks that the owners wanted us to do.  Some of the places haven’t seen a lick of paint for almost 10 years…so it is amazing how a clean coat of paint really spruces up a place!  It was an amazing experience and the smiles on the owner’s face was worth a million dollars on their own!  Absolutely brilliant effort for all concerned.

So good job team!  Great contributions to the Singapore community!  I was so happy to contribute to this worthy cause – especially as my Singapore placement comes to the end… :(

After the event, although we were all exhausted but satisfied with our efforts, we decided to get a few of us out for a celebratory drink, and headed for Harry’s at Boat Quay.


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