Singapore F1 GP Tickets – Wallet Says Ouch!

I would be mad NOT to buy a ticket of some sort, for the Singapore F1 GP – it’s the only night circuit on the 2011 Calendar, and the second exclusive street circuit, behind the infamous Monaco GP street circuit.  I must admit, it would be my first ever live F1 GP I’ve been too – it’s been on my list of must-dos before I die, so another one off the list, at least :)

Now the question that I’ve been pondering is WHAT tickets to purchase – because I didn’t want to spend a huge fortune, but I wanted to ‘enjoy’ the moment.

The two tickets I was considering was around Marina Bay, but focused on the Esplanade Waterfront Grandstand which was SGD $598 for the 3-day ticket.  Whilst the Premier Walkabout ticket (no Grandstand ‘seat’) was SGD $448, which was the only option I considered.  The Bay Grandstand was the cheapest “seat” at SGD $298 – but I’ve now seen this permanent Grandstand, and it is quite high-up, and looking at the seat allocation, I am not sure I would be able to really see much from up there, so decided against this!

Now the various people I’ve spoken too stated that unless you are fortunate to get a good seat at the Grandstand, most of them aren’t worth the money, and you only a glimpse of the cars flying by, and suggested that to get closer to the action, the walkabout pass is probably more cost-effective.  Especially as you can move to a different part of the circuit (depending on the walkabout ticket purchased).

So I did exactly that, purchased the Premier Walkabout ticket (at SGD $448 – that’s equivalent to ~£225), which allows the ticketholder to move around Zones 1, 2 and 4 (and transit between these zones via zone 3, as necessary).  If I get it right, I can get my bearings and the right ‘prime locations’ during the Day-1 Practice, and hopefully take all of the key photos and videos that I need.  I can then try to find the prime spot to be based at during Qualifying (Day-2) and for the Race itself (Day-3).

I just wish it came quickly now - ha!

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