After visting Raffles, we had decided to wander across to Chijmes to sample the Saturday night atmosphere.  During my settle-in tour with the relocation consultant, she advised to visit Chijmes as it seemed to be a hustle and bustle area at the weekends, howeve, I had not yet ventured to the place until now.

Going with someone actually made it quite relaxing indeedy!  There are a number of bars and restaurants here, and the area we quickly noticed was the one that had 4 projections screens of a historic AC Milan verus Madrid derby and a Premier League game (Arsenal versus West Ham).

Both were enjoyable games, and we settled in to experience the nice 5 for $35 at Harry’s – that’s more like it (well I have to worry for my poor wallet sometimes!!).

So we settled for Carlsberg – well it was (probably) the best lager based on what was on available, remember :)  P.S. that Ferrari is not mine – but it looked mighty fine (apart from being in a need for a wash!  Ha!)

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