Trip Along East Coast Park

Today, I wanted a ride down to East Coast – where the beach is located.  I took the the Number 36 bus from Tang on Orchard Road which went all the way to East Coast Park, I then had a stroll along the beach-way, and the park-way, before I decided to grab a bite to eat.

It is actually round 10km (6 miles) long, stretching from Marina East (a short bridge ride across across from the Singapore flyer) to the West and then swinging all the way across to the East until you hit the Laguna National Golf Course, just next to Changi Airport.

You can see a lot of cyclists, roller-bladers, dog-walkers, and families going for a weekend stroll – and it certainly is quite a relaxing area.  It’s not the best beach, as the horizon view is full of (and unfortunately the rubbish on the beach is generally from) huge Container ships, that are going to and from the Singapore Port just pass the Marina Bay Financial Centre to the West.

A very enjoyable stroll.  I just wanted to sample it first, and then I will come back, probably with a mate to do a proper cycle ride along the coastline.  That would be a neat way of seeing both ends of the Park.  For today, a stroll, and something to eat at the East Coast Food Centre, where I had my very original Wan Ton Noodles with Chau Siu – delicious :)

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