Melaka Holiday – Day 3: Return Journey to Singapore

A holiday has to come to an end at some point, and I do agree what people said that 2-3 days is enough in Melaka.  There is only so much you can see and do in this City, and I think I’ve managed to do the most that I wanted to do!

I walked down to the Renaissance Hotel, where my return Bus would be arriving to pick me up.  It was schedule to leave around 2.30pm, so I wanted to ensure I was there around that time.  In fact, I strolled slowly towards the area, and decided to walk around as I was slightly early.  When I walked around the block I did notice that the venue was actually at the spot where the Kampung Morten District was, so looking back at the map, the water-front walkway actually curves its way around the City and then back on yourself, so it appears you are going some way out, but actually you aren’t, haha – very deceiving indeed :) There were some really old buildings around the area, so I took a couple of snaps of these, before returning to the hotel lobby for the bus to arrive. 

I booked the return bus when I was in Singapore, and luckily I did, because it was pretty full.  It was a double-decker bus from Konsortium Buses, and I was on the front of the top-deck, so had quite a nice view of the road ahead.  The journey was pretty comfortable, and I nodded off part of the way.

As we approached Singapore, I noticed that there was a lot of fairly expensive cars heading towards Singapore also, in fact some travelling in convoy.  As the roads were very busy (as expected), these vehicles appeared to ‘own’ the roads, and sped down the hard shoulder – cheeky monkeys!  Ha!

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