Lunch at Verve Pizzeria Marina Bay

A colleague and I decided to have a lunch outside of, so I suggested that we try out the Verve Pizzeria, which is located at the Marina Bay City Gallery – which was walking this from the office – on the way to the Marina Bay Sands complex. They seem to have two other locations – at Clarke Quay and One North – which is good to know if I wanted to visit them again somewhere else in the City :) (depends if I come back to Singa I guess! Ha!!)

I’ve passed it a few times, but never had the opportunity to pop in and try it, so we booked a table and gave it a go. It was quite a nice location, only a few minutes walk from the office, although we noticed that it was all out-door seating, which on a very humid and stuffy day could be quite challenging. The day of our lunch, it was actually quite pleasing, so we were able to relax with the air-fans on to keep us chilled.

We ordered, deciding just to go for the main course pizza’s only, and a couple of fruit smoothies. The pizza’s were actually very enjoyable, nice thin-crust and a very nice dough texture. I went for the Altobello (spicy beef, onions, bell peppers and mozzarella) and my colleague went for the Capricciosa (mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, artichokes, cooked
ham and olives). Both were actually very delicious although they were quite pricey pizza’s dishes.



Both pizza’s were S$26, and the total of our bill (with the 2 smoothies) came to S$82.39 (with Service Charge and GST) – that’s quite pricey as you can see – but a nice quality dish, at least!

Verve Pizzeria
11 Marina Boulevard
Ground Floor
Marina Bay City Gallery
Singapore 018940
Tel: +65 6634 3220

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Les Amis Restaurant – Christmas Lunch

I was invited to a Christmas lunch with a Bank Partner at Les Amis Restaurant – the restaurant was located just off Scott’s Road – just off the busy Orchard Road.

It was a great little place, with a great ambience inside, and most importantly, a delicious selection of food and fine wines. We decided against the wine (well we still had an afternoon of work to complete), but the food was absolutely delightful.

With great company, great conversation, and funness – it was a delicious and delightful lunch – a nice find :)

Les Amis Restaurant
1 Scotts Road
#02-16 Shaw Centre
Singapore, 228208
Tel: +65 6733 2255

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Asia Tatler Singapore Best Restaurant’s Guide 2011 Awards

Singapore Tatler Best Restaurant Guide 2011 Award Winners

Singapore Tatler Best Restaurant Guide 2011 Award Winners

Another day, another food and drinks party :)

On Monday 12th December, I was invited as a guest to attend the Singapore Tatler’s Best Restaurants Guide 2011 awards at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore  (formerly known as Meritus Mandarin Singapore) – this hotel is not to be confused with Mandarin Oriental – as that’s in Marina Bay!  (I heard someone heading to the wrong one, hence why he was slightly late – well it’s good to laugh at someone elses misfortune occasionally !) :)

It was a great event organised by Tatler and the American Express to acknowledge and celebrate the Best Restaurants Guide awards in Singapore.  The event also provided a great opportunity to sample a great selection of food from a number of the top restaurants, from Chinese, Persian (Shiraz), Japanese amongst others – lots of finger food and certainly very delightful to sample it all!

What a great event, with over 400 people present and topped off with witnessing the various awards being handed out – congrats to all of the winners :)   Well deserved!


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Raffles Brunch – Very Tasty Indeed

A work colleague of mine was visiting Singapore for a few days, and we decided to go for what must be the most exquisite Sunday Brunch in town – at Raffles Hotel.

We met up at the the Bar and Billiard room at around 12:15, as our booking was at 12.30, whilst I waited for Mario to arrive, I discretely ordered myself a nice Singapore Sling – well it had to be done :)

After Mario arrived, we started to enjoy the viewing pleasure of the fantastic choice on offer – WOW.  Great selection of fresh oysters and lobsters, a delicious selection of freshly prepared antipasti and hors d’oeuvres, a nice selection of tender meat carvery followed by delicate looking desserts!  I say again, WOW!

The price isn’t too bad at $168++ for the Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut “ReserveBrunch or $188++ Champagne Billecart-Salmon “Rosé” Brunch – we decided to go with the “Reserve” brunch, as we weren’t that keen on Rosé!!   Decisions, decisions… these are very important decisions, you know! ;)   Haha!

The Raffles Brunch nicely compares with the one I had previously at St Regis which was $170++ for the Perriet-Jouët Grand Brut :)   So Raffles is slightly cheaper (just!)

And the food – well how can one describe it – lets settle with DELIGHTFUL!  Great company, great food, great ambience, great environment and great champage :)

Raffles Hotel Singapore
1 Beach Road
Singapore 189673
Tel: +65 6337 1886
Restaurant Tel: (65) 6412 1816

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Total Lunar Eclipse – 10th Dec 2011

Well what a place to be to view one of nature’s true views! Last Saturday evening, there was a Total Lunar Eclipse, viewable in Asia-Pacific and North America/Canada mainly, so being in Singapore was a blessing in disguise :)

We sat on the beach at East Coast Park and enjoyed the view as the sunset and the moon-light appeared in all its glory!

The total lunar eclipse was visible just after sunset, and we took advantage of being on the East Coast Park to see the start of it. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth so that the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from striking the Moon. I then took the post-Eclipse photos (because I was watching TV and got a bit carried away and forgot the time of the Total Eclipse(!!)) outside of my apartment in Orchard.

The eclipse sequence (SGT) was as shown:

  • 7.31 pm – Start of Penumbra Eclipse.
  • 8.45 pm – Start of Umbra Partial Phase.
  • 10.05 pm – Start of Total Eclipse.
  • 10.31 pm – Maximum Eclipse.
  • 10.57 pm – End of Total Eclipse.
  • 12.18 am – End of Umbra Partial Eclipse.
  • 1.31 am – End of Penumbra Eclipse.

So in short, it (the Total Lunar Eclipse) was only visible for 52 minutes :)

The next one is scheduled for 15th April, 2014, so I better put that date in my calendar now – although I don’t know where I will be then – hehehe!

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East Coast Way Bike-Ride

Well I wanted to back to ECP for the Bike-Ride journey, previously only doing the walking variety due to the bad weather that encroached when I previously went there a few months back.

So I went with a colleague from work, and we met-up at McDonald’s there, a great meeting spot – also served as a good sport to get some grub in as I was waiting :)   Hehe!

We then hired the bikes – S$7 for an hour / per bike, with a BOGOF offer (which seemed to be common amongst all of the bike hires).  So it short it was really S$7 for 2 hours, I prefer they just say this – but that’s the beauty of marketing for ya…

We set off eastward, as the views were much more appealing, arriving at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village just by the Ski 360 Degree water-sport lake.  We stopped off at the Food Village for a liquid break (Tiger Beer), well we relaxed and enjoyed the views passing by.

We then continued eastward until we arrived Castle Beach feature, which I previously viewed.  This time there was more sand castled being made and completed - and one of the chaps gave an outline of why this area was set-up - mainly to get families working together – without the need of any form of experience etc.  Some of the sandcastles was nicely put together.  The chap (what I can probably call a sandcastle expert) explained that the one he was putting the finishing touches on, took about 40 minutes to complete – hehe!  Now that’s quick!

We tried to head off again, but my mate had a puncture, so we had to abrutly stop our trail, and circled back westward, and eventually returned to the cycle hire shop.  Luckily we did as the 2 hour mark was actually hit when we arrived back – wow that was quick!

A thoroughly enjoyable bike ride, and I must admit my cycling is improving.  The last time I cycled was in Amsterdam in June 2010 - that’s how long ago that was.  Haha, but sort that out pronto when I get back to the UK :)

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Friday Night Funness!

Well after drinking with a few colleagues in Boat Quay, I received an invite to attend another drinking session at KPO in Somerset.  I couldn’t refuse such a nice offer, so passed on my apologies to the Painting crew and departed Boat Quay.

I located KPO, an interesting place just down from Somerset MRT – it’s actually a great location just off Killiney Road and overlooking Orchard Road.  KPO was actually a converted and refurbished Post Office – KPO stands for … well you probably guessed it Killiney Post Office (Singapore Post), but I think the bar establishment has suited it very well!  A nice terrace area on the first floor which has a very charming feel about it and has a great view indeed.  And the best thing about tonight, well the amazing and nice company that was present!! :)

What happened after this?  Well several of us headed down for a dance session down at Clarke Quay – went to this amazing place, with 4-5 pool tables at the back, it had a great live music set, lots of people bopping up and down, and plenty more drinks were flowing.  Yikes!  It was an fun way to end the night, and I eventually decided to head off at around 1ish as my head was definitely starting to feel the pain :)   Ouch!  Well it has been a long day!!

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Community Event Followed by Drinks

Well I am glad to see that even in the tough working climate, we are still able to contribute to society and the local community – true Blue Box Corporate Social Responsibility!  We were tasked to paint 29 condos/apartments owned by elderly people located in the East side of Singapore, and just over 200 Amex volunteers contributed by taking time out of their busy schedule to support this worthy cause.  It was tough work, but we really focused on the task in hand to achieve an amazing success!

It was a great team spirit, and we finished our tasks of painting the walls, cleaning the apartment, painting the kitchen, skirtings and covings (and some of us painted the ceiling too!).  We then moved all of the furniture back again and helped our with any other tasks that the owners wanted us to do.  Some of the places haven’t seen a lick of paint for almost 10 years…so it is amazing how a clean coat of paint really spruces up a place!  It was an amazing experience and the smiles on the owner’s face was worth a million dollars on their own!  Absolutely brilliant effort for all concerned.

So good job team!  Great contributions to the Singapore community!  I was so happy to contribute to this worthy cause – especially as my Singapore placement comes to the end… :(

After the event, although we were all exhausted but satisfied with our efforts, we decided to get a few of us out for a celebratory drink, and headed for Harry’s at Boat Quay.


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Nueva Cuban Bar and Restaurant – Leaving Venue

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant

Well my leaving venue is sorted for next Friday.  I booked up at Nueva Cuban Bar and Restaurant at Customs House near to our office – hopefully it will be a great event.

The numbers of attendees seems to be increasing, so I may have to order more food. I originally advised the numbers to be between 12-15 (what I was expecting), but looking at my invite list and confirmed attendees, and the additional extras, methinks it will be more like 25-30! Haha – it’s sure going to be a laugh! :) I still don’t know what the plans are after this, but hopefully some enjoyable…

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant Menu

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant Menu

I’ve visited there last Tuesday to order some finger food and ensure that I was able to commit my booking (putting down the S$100 deposit).  Hopefully the event won’t go over my deposit, but I am certainly going to ensure it is a fantastic evening out.

A great way to celebrate my 6 months assignment here with Amex Singapore.  I’ve had a blast of a time, as I begin my final week of work, before my 2 week holiday!

Nueva Cuba Bar and Restaurant
Customs House #01-03
70 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049323
Tel: +65 6535 0538

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Festive Hamper – What a Brilliant Boss!

I must admit I was a bit surprised when I arrived back at my apartment from my UK home-leave trip.

When I passed the front reception, they welcomed me back and enquired about my trip home.  They then mentioned that I had a surprise in my apartment, which I was very intrigued.

Christmas Hamper

Christmas Hamper

I entered my apartment and there sitting on my dining table was a Christmas Hamper from Takashimaya Departmental Store – and I looked at the delivery note and greeting card, and was very surprised to see it stating my SVP boss in Singapore.

Wow – what an amazingly genuine and pleasant treat / gift.  Very appreciative definitely.  I wasn’t expecting this as all, and it really made me appreciate my experience here in Singapore!  Wow!

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