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Russell Peters – Notorious World Tour 2013

Russell Peters' Notorious Tour 2013

Russell Peters’ Notorious Tour 2013

The Canadian comedian Russell Peters visited Singapore as part of his global 2013 tour, and after hearing quite a lot of good things about him, I decided to get a ticket and enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

It was pretty good – the warm-up DJ sets were fantastic (DJ Spinbad and DJ SFS) – not as good as Fatboy Slim mind you or Carl Cox, but yeah pretty enjoyable listening, whilts we waited for the two comedy acts to appear.

The supporting ‘warm-up’ act was Ruben Paul who was pretty funny – he got the crowd going for about 20 minutes, and then the man himself came on stage.  The highlight of his show, for me, were Russell’s various impromptu conversations with members of the audience, mainly taking the micky out of them, whether race, religion or just for turning up late to the show (haha!)…definitely adult humour involved too.  Although, there were a few occassions this ‘links’ weren’t brilliant, and there was a few moments when he paused to try to bring it back to this material, just felt it wasn’t polished at times, but it was still a great night all in all!  It is just a shame that some members of the audience just didn’t get it, enjoy it, or understand the humour – their lost 🙂

Well I would definitely recommend going to see Russell but just be prepared on some bordering-the-line humour!


Air Conditioning Servicing

Well one of the stipulations of my condo contract, like the vast majority of rentals here in Singapore, is that you have to perform quarterly servicing of the Air Conditioning unit.

The previous tenant provided me their invoices from a company – and this was for $70 each time.  I have two units in my apartment, so that worked out to be $35 for each unit.  I knew this was quite expensive, having asked around.  I was told that I should be able to get it between $15-$20 if I shop wisely.  I also knew that an annual service contract would be cheaper.

Anyway, I wanted a bit of consistency in the paperwork, so first contacted the ‘Atlantic Engineering Air-Conditioning’ company, who previously serviced the units for the previous tenant.  They told me that an annual service would be $200 – which equates to $50 a visit, or $25 a unit.  I still wanted it slightly cheaper, so told them about a comporative price where it was quoted as being $17 a unit for an annual contract.  They couldn’t match this, but rather than the inconvenience of phoning around to get a cheaper quote, I accepted their slightly discounted offer of $180 – or $45 a visit, or $22.50 a unit.  That will do 🙂  I am sure I could have found one slightly cheaper, but alas I’ll be happy with this – a few bucks spare to spend on the Guinness!!.

The first visit was scheduled for 21st March, and they came and serviced the units very efficiently.  In 20-30 minutes it was all done.  Sorted for another quarter and sorted for the next year at least!

Pure Art @ Keong Saik Exhibition – Cleo Lim

I was invited to visit a family friend’s private art exhibition at Jiak Chuan Road on Friday, 15th March, and I was delighted to pay a visit.

It was a delightful exhibition and it must have been good for the artist, Cleo Lim, to see all of her pieces of work in one exhibition, and I must admit some really got my attention. There were broadly two types of pieces, one on canvas and one on Japanese Rice Paper – and it was the latter that I really were my type of thing. It was the attention of detail and the true emotions that came through each piece.

I was even keen to get a piece – may still do so – it costs S$3,500 so it has to be something I really need to consider before I do so, especially, as I would need to find a way of getting it to the UK 🙂

Prior to the exhibition, as I turned up a bit early, I was given a tour of the Blu Connections marketing and logistics company – and company focused on ethical denim, it was fascinating and really made me think more about the clothes and denim I buy from the shops – very interesting background indeed – visit their website here –> Blu Connection.

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