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Pool Playing – at a friend’s place

Pool Table

Pool Table

Well it is not every day that you find a pool table in the middle of someone’s dining room, and it was certainly great to see one in its glory…a friend of the family managed to get an apartment which not only had the space, but the perfect location for the pool cum dining table.

It certainly wouldn’t fit in my 570sqft condominium – in fact I wouldn’t be able to swing a cat in my condo… Maybe a should give it a try…ergh that’s fit a pool table, not swing a cat, then again…haha!

Mar Jongg – practice makes perfect as they say :)

We’ll another fun weekend with a Marjongg session – to see if my game has improved…and yup it only just about improves.

One of the work colleagues arranged a short gathering (for fun, of course – no gambling involved, cos that’s illegal here in Singapore – haha!) – and I think I am finally getting the hang of the game again.  The only issue is that the Singapore game has a few more tiles – which really confuses the hell out of me.  But alas, practice makes perfect.

Overall I won a few games, and lost a few more…haha!  Not easy to improve at a game without sufficient practice, so I best get more games in…and it actually is quite good fun too!

Singapore Yacht Show at One°15 Marina Club

Through the investment company that I have an account with here in Singapore, I received an invitation to visit the Singapore Yacht Show in Sentosa Cove.

It was a 4-day event starting on Thursday 10th through to Sunday 13th April, so I decided to go on the Saturday to enjoy the sights and sounds.

I located the place with relative ease, taken the Sentosa Express all the way to the final Beach stop, and then the shuttle bus to the Sentosa Cove location.

The first part of the show was an exhibition tent ranging from expensive cars, to the parts and other bits and bobs that relate to yachts and sailing in general.

The second part related to a walk-about and in some cases (if you were early enough to schedule an appointment) a tour of one or two of the yachts).  I could see from a distance that it was going to be an expensive show (luckily no money left my wallet), but the Yachts on display were simply amazing. They ranged from size from the small(ish) to the most majestic and huge vessels.

It was fun being amongst the upper class (and there was certainly lots of those around the show), but for me, it was just interesting to see how the wealthy folks spend their money…haha!

ONE°15 Marina Club
11 Cove Drive
Sentosa Cove
Singapore, 098497
Tel: +65 6305 6988

Dentist – Q&M Dental Centre Novena

Well it was that time of year that I should have a quick dental inspection.  I didn’t get around to arrange this when I was in the UK in March, and it has been over a year now, so hopefully there are no problems.

I passed a dentist which was in the nearby Shopping mall a few times, so decided to pop in for an appointment.  The good news is that work will cover the cost of this, as part of the healthy living programme, which is great!

The appointment was scheduled for 2nd April – and I went just after work at around 6pm, which was perfect for me to return from the MBFC office.  The check-up was fine, no fillings or anything, and a quick check and polish came up at around S$96 – I guess that’s the score for dentists these days (that is around £50!)   The only comment the dentist made is that I brush too hard and had damaged the gums around my teeth, even though I told her that I used the automatic toothbrush.  So I guess, I should just brush more gentler, as I know the motor goes pretty fast on those toothbrushes – haha!

Q&M Dental Centre
238 Thomson Road #02-01
Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Tel: +65 6251 3233

Air Conditioning – New Contract, but a Problem!

Well another year, another air conditioning contract.

I decided to renew with the same company that I used previously last year (Atlantic Engrg & Air Con Services), and thought it would simply be a quick maintenance clean and inspection.  Only to realise that there was a fault with one of the units.

It appeared that there was a warning light showing, and after the maintenance inspection, they advised me that the required work was a chemical clean then refill the gas.  If this doesn’t resolve the fault, then the PCB would need to be replaced.  I checked with the landlord and his agent, and they advised me that the cleaning and gas-refilling was my responsibility and cost, but if the unit had to be repaired / parts replaced, then this would be borne by the landlord.  The quote came back as S$250 chemical clean + S$70 gas refill – ouch!  I had no choice but to settle this.

In addition to this, the annual maintenance cost was S$180 (luckily this was the same price as last year) – again, I have to pay this.

So unfortunately, it was quite an expensive maintenance service this quarter 🙁  Hopefully the next few servicing won’t cost this much!

Atlantic Engrg & Air Con Services
No 41 Toh Guan Road East #07-04
ADL Building
Singapore 608605
Tel: +65 6400 5196

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