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Return to Singapore – time to settle into my apartment :)

Well, after a very relaxing trip to Hong Kong, eating, drinking, sightseeing and shopping (repeating this continously!), it was time to say goodbye to the cooler climate (that is “cooler” than Singapore – but “warmer” than the UK) and enjoy the time back in my new location.  I should really start calling Singapore my new “home” location – hehe.

Anyway, having arrived late on Friday, 28th December – the JetStar flight was quite uneventful, although slightly more turbulent than last time.  I decided to book the Hotel Re! at Pearl Hill (in Outram Park district) for the night, as I wasn’t sure I was able to pick-up the key of my new apartment on Friday from my agent.

It was nice being back at the hotel – and we had one final meal in and around China Town, before making it back to the hotel.  On Saturday, we decided to make those final purchases around China Town before returning back to the hotel to collect our luggage to go to the new Condo Apartment.  I think I’m getting there with all of the purchases – but until I move in and unpack, I really don’t know what other things I need to buy (apart from things for the kitchen and lounge area).

Going to definitely be a bit stressful for the next couple of days before I start to prepare my mind for my first day of work in the new team.

Hotel Re – Retro Boutique Hotel

Well the first port of call was the hotel to freshen up. Even though I arrived at 8am, I arrived at the hotel with the hope that they had my room available and allowed me an early check-in. The front desk were very accommodating and allowed me to check-in with penalty. I promptly arrived at my room, freshened up and felt actually very awake and rearing to go.

The hotel itself was conveniently located at Outram Park, just up from Pearl Hill. It was a few minutes away from Outram Park MRT – and the hotel offered a courtesy shuttle bus to take you to the MRT – a nice touch. The complimentary refreshments (daily replenished) are a nice treat; so Pepsi, Water, Oreo and a snack is free to eat. There is complimentary wi-fi available throughout the hotel – although it was a bit on the slow side (I guess that is always the risk of being free!).

I had already arranged for my blackberry to be sorted before I left the UK, so I knew it was ready to be picked-up later on in the day. I also had to make my way to pick-up mum when she arrived at 3pm from Hong Kong – would be good to have her around to support the condo hunting 🙂

So onwards and upwards…a trip to the office first 🙂

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