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Another great movie night – Night Crawler (4th Dec 2014)

Another night, another fun catch-up with Dheeraj – a great friend from work. We decided to watch ‘Nightcrawler’ – must admit I didn’t even read-up on the synopsis of the movie or even the reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a good movie, not amazing, but good enough.

It related to a chap that wanted to become a TV star, but without the fame, so it involved amateur video of accidents and the like which was then sold to the US cable networks for a fee. The irony is that I bet this is how it works in the US today, but sad that this is what people do to make money – make money of the misfortunes of others – especially when there is blood and gore…alas, we watch the news for this, I guess.

Anyway, a nice way to relax and catch-up with a great mate.

Halloween Party (1st Nov 2014)

I am not normally keen in dressing up for a party (apart from dusting off the DJ for a few company doos), but this time, I was invited to one of Carmen’s friends Halloween party at their place. It was a theme doo, based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show – quite a funny horror movie – well a mix of comedy and horror mixed together, but some memorable movie tracks.

I kinda didn’t really do much on the fancy dress scene, but decided to go with the ballroom dance scene – so just required me to wear a suite, with a red shirt. To top this off, I was convinced to wear some eye liner and shadow (e.g. make-up) to mix it up a bit…hey-ho, all for the fun of it.

The party was great fun, some folks really make a big effort to play the parts of the characters of the show, pretty impressive. The best part was the fact that the whole place was themed – including showing the movie, the soundtrack, and the food – wow…what a fun night.

Ergh…and the end of the night, I was down to my boxes and in the swimming pool with a few of the others – apparently, this was the induction 😉 I apparently made a good impression. Haha.

Escape Plan Movie with Friends

Well the are a few good releases out at the moment, and the next movie in line for viewing is the Sylvester Stallone and Arnie Schwarzenegger hit called Escape Plan. It was about Stallone’s job entailing testing out the security of prisons to see if they are escape proof. His current assignment was in a new tech prison complex and he was there to test it out, not knowing that he was in a trap, and the Warden had other ideas.

Anyway, the story line was pretty good, a bit far fetched at times (like most movies in this genre), but the chemistry between these two lead characters was always going to be fun and entertaining. The issue I have with these types of films, is the the plot can be slightly unbelievable. The main one related to Stallone being stuck in an isolation cell/chamber, usually meaning that there are “no way out”, but as per usual he finds a way – apparently there were bolts on the floor leading this (of course, a lucky discovery) a secret chamber/ladder that leads to another area of the prison…hmmm…

Film was okay, and the ending was interesting, but as I said it was the fun of Stallone and Schwarzenegger that made the movie 🙂

Gold Class @ Golden Village

As part of the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) promotion between May and July this year, I managed to get some free tickets courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank. They had a prize draw with 96 prizes awarded daily, and I won Golden Village Gold Class cinema tickets.

Awaiting for the opportunity to redeem, I knew I had to redeem the letter for the cinema vouchers by 30th November. I decided to take a colleague from work, and we decided to go see ‘Enders Game’ (which ‘okay’ – nothing special, but fun to watch…) in VivoCity on 13 November, thinking it would expire at the end of the month. When I went to exchange the letter for theatre vouchers, they then told me that the cinema ticket voucher was actually valid for 12 months – grrr…. That wasn’t clear was it :(. Anyway, since we we there, we decided to make the most of it and enjoy the time at the Gold Class theatre.

It was the first time I went to this Gold Class theatre, it was quite nice, reclining leather chairs, a nice selection of food that they deliver personally to your theatre seat, and an intimate sized venue. It usually costs S$39 per seat. Ouch! But at least I saved almost S$80 worth of fine tickets. Next time I should take a fine lady – rather a bloke … Haha!

Apparently, Cathy Platinum is meant to be slightly better (not that I had the opportunity to try it yet) – I guess that is the difference between Gold vs Platinum – haha! But either way, it was enjoyable, and more importantly free 🙂

Rush Movie – Fantastic

This evening, I decided to go with a mate to watch Rush. It is quite an intriguing movie, telling the life of the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, the legendary race drivers.

It also was good to see the changes made to the Formula 1 cars, including the safety measures that we see in the modern day, versus the lethal machines that existed in the 70’s and 80’s!

An fun movie and truly inspirational! 🙂

Man of Steel Singapore Premium – Free Preview Ticket :)

Man of Steel Movie Premier

Man of Steel Movie Premier

Sometimes you can be in the right place at the right time.  Our Transit Partner card issuer in Singapore, EZ-Link, had hired out the whole cinema screening of the Man of Steel premium for the 7pm screening, and I was offered a spare ticket that was on offer in the office.

I think I was mainly chosen because 1) I was free and available, but most important 2) I worked on the EZ-Link account when I first started my new role in Amex Singapore.  BONUS!

I was joined with 7 other people (largely from work) – and their significant others (partner’s and kids), and was quite a nice session.  We went to the Golden Village at Vivocity in Harbourfront, and it was quite a nice gesture to extend the ticket to us by EZ-Link – I was very grateful in any case!!!

The movie itself was fabulous – very entertainment – lots of good movie lines and humour, although it went on a bit (over 2 hours 20 minutes), which seems to be the norm these days, but I think they could have reduced it by at least 30 minutes and it would still have been excellent.  The effects and fight scenes were pretty cool – and I am glad I managed to see it.

It certainly is going to be a year of comic-movies, iron-Man, Superman, Avengers, more? – I can’t wait to see them all 🙂

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