Drinks at Five Izakaya Bar, Chevron House

We wanted drinks, we needed drinks, we deserved drinks, so a few of us decided to meet-up and enjoy a Tuesday night at a local and reasonably-priced bar – at Chevron House.  It’s called Five Izakaya Bar – a Japanese bar that has such a great atmosphere.

It started with 2 of us, and then morphed into 5 people, then 7 of us at one point before a couple of ladies decided to give the last part of the drinks marathon session a miss (wise move – haha!).  We took it easy in the beginning with a bucket of 5 beers, we then went for the Asahi Tower, then we just kept ordering rounds of Asahi pints – with some finger food to keep our energies levels up.  I think we had quite a bit to drink by the end of the night.

The night ended with 4 of us going for Japanese food – always good to line one’s stomach with food before sleeping – haha! 🙂  One of the dishes gave us entertainment – deep-fried Aubergines with grated Cheese on top – a bit weird, as it looked likes worms moving around…very funny (and tasty!)!

The worry is I had an 8am call in the morning (which I would take from home, mind you), and one of the colleagues had to be in the office by 7.45am – also for an 8am conference call.  Ouch!

It certainly was a tough morning the next day…not necessarily a hangover, okay maybe it was!, it was certainly tough going 🙂  Now who’s idea was it again…?

Five Izakaya
16 Collyer Quay #01-05B
(Formerly Hitachi Towers)
Singapore 049318
Tel:       +65 6536 8955
E-mail:  collyer@fivebar.sg
URL:     http://www.fivebar.sg/