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Festive Holiday in Hong Kong

Similar to last year, we decided to visit Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year.

I know it won’t be a hot and sunny beach holiday, but actually it is good being around family, and to spend it in a nice place. It is also good to see how it compares with Singapore, having now spent a year here.

Hopefully, the festive break will be relaxing and fun – and hopefully we will have some fun in the process.

The flight out was uneventful, and I arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule – which is kinda strange for a low-cost carrier. I will return on Friday, 3rd January, just in time to start work again – yay I can’t wait 🙂

Mum returns to Hong Kong

Well it’s time to say good bye to mum for the moment.  She enjoyed her holiday and I think it was good that she was able to help me settle in to my apartment – it was such a task to do on my own, that an extra pair of hands was very helpful.  Even just visiting the dozen or so apartments took it out of me.

So mum now returns to Hong Kong this afternoon before she makes her way back to the UK on 15th January.  Lets see when she returns back out 🙂  Hehe!

One word to remember about HK – FOOD!!!

Everything in HK is about food, food and food (maybe with a sprinkling of shopping inbetween too!) :). And yes it is in this order. After spending a few days reminiscing the good ol’ days, we end up frequenting eating establishments often. I think it is generally, eat lots and often – but just make sure you never are full full, as you don’t know when the next eating episode is (for sure, it isn’t too far away!! Haha!!)

I am definitely sure that I am putting on weight. And most of the time we have been eating feasts, which in Asian style, means great food, a nice variety and plenty of it. It really is tough going, as you can imagine.

And this is in-between the shopping to find some items for my new apartment…ranging from rice cooker, kettle and iron (all of which is actually cheaper here than in Singapore … )

Right enough writing, best get back to the eating 🙂

Eventful flight to Hong Kong

The flight out was quite “interesting”, as a fight broke out about 3 hours into the flight. I think it started because the passenger in front moved her chair back, and it hit the other passenger behind, who was sleeping forward. Well what do you expect on a cheap airline flight, where the seats pitch isn’t that much between seats. Anyway, the lady in the back threw some punches after lady in the front swore at her (in Cantonese). It was quite amusing, and the it took all 3 of the cabin crew to calm things down. Even the pilot came out at the end of the bout – and I did overhear him say FFS and that he would call the police for our arrival. The passengers were split up with the front ones moved to the back of the plane.

After things returned to normal, we arrived at HK, and we were instructed to remain in our seats whilst a dozen or so police entered the plane, and took off the 4 people involved in the facade! What a flight – talk about creating ones own flight entertainment :). Hahaha…I’ve never quite seen anything like this before.

Holiday in Hong Kong

Having now sorted out my apartment, the last thing to do was to have a relaxing holiday abroad somewhere… Having looked around at the flight and resort prices – the options of Langkawi, Bali, Phuket etc were all starting to go up in the price, so we decided to visit Hong Kong and my mum’s family this year.

The flight prices on Tiger Airways weren’t too bad – about £475 return, and at least we saved a little bit on the cost of the holiday accommodatio, by staying with our family in HK instead. We left on Tuesday, 18th with the intention to spend Christmas in HK and returning back to Singapore on Thursday, 28th December – to allow me to sort out the apartment and make the final purchases, ahead of starting work on 2nd January.

I knew my apartment activities will continue after I departed, mainly the 2-month deposit transfer and the commission payment to the agent. I did make a request for my agent to manage the transfer on 24th December in my absence and pick up the keys – the agent will also sort out all of the utilities – except the telephone/Internet, which I can do when I return. Hopefully, it all goes well.

I don’t mind what we do in HK, I know my cousin and aunt will look after us, and hopefully we will have some good food, see some sights and sounds around HK, relax and re-charge our batteries 🙂

Note: apparently…”Hong Kok” is the new Hong Kong 🙂 Must be an attempt of humour at Tiger Airlines (or just that they are illiterate!) – see photo:
Hong Kok - the New Hong Kong

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