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Robinson’s Voucher Redemption (16th Dec 2014)

Buying Myself Presents

Buying Myself Presents

Well there is nothing like a free lunch – and I do tend to agree with most offers I receive or review.

After opening a Robinson co-brand credit card account with OCBC, I received a set of vouchers for Robinson vouchers – but these ranged from $50 if you spend $200, $30 if you spend $150 or $10 if you spend $100.  These are quite annoying offers, but yes it is a marketing engagement and spend activation campaign – so I shouldn’t be surprised – but it is still very annoying and vouchers like this are in my opinion rubbish.

Most vouchers in the UK, you usually get the voucher free or get a free gift card or similar – this way, you are still ‘buying’ from the shop, and you are likely to spend more than the face value of the vouchers – unlike in Singapore, where they expect you to spend a ridiculous amount to get a small amount off.  Hmmm…

Either way, I was keen to use them, rather than lose them!  So decided to go with my mum to see what I can buy, I decided to replace my wallet and also a Fahenheit 32 eau de toilette – spending just over $200 and get the $50 off.  Not that bad, I guess.

New Standard Chartered Credit Card Application

Well if you are given the option to get a free S$80 (£40) cashback rebate just by applying for and activating a new credit card – no one would say no, right?

So I said ‘yes please’ – ha!  I previously had applied for a Manhatten Credit Card (Mastercard) from Standard Chartered Singapore – due to the 5% cash rebate, and I decided to apply for another one – this time a Visa Platinum card (it’s because Amex doesn’t have a Partnership with Standard Chartered Singapore – unfortunately).

I activate the card, and received another S$80 rebate – that’s $160 now – for doing nothing.  Nice!  Apparently, there is a loop-hole in that whilst the small print says you only can get a maximum of $160 cashback, you can actually keep getting more.  So I might apply for another card and see if this loophole actually exists or not 🙂

SCB Visa Platinum Secure Token Card

SCB Visa Platinum Secure Token Card

Anyway, after receiving the card, I went online to activate the card, and was offered to apply for a ‘token’ credit card – basically, you may have remembered that Visa embedded their 3D-Secure technology (a dynamic security token) within the credit card itself – a two-in-one card so-to-speak.  It’s amazing that the credit card has turned into a mini-computer in your wallet!  So I applied for this and just received it.

Have a look at the new looking technically-advance card here – http://www.standardchartered.com.sg/tokencard/

Standard Chartered – S$80 Cashback

Sad to say it, but I took a plunge to the dark side and successfully applied for a new Credit Card with Standard Chartered.  It was called the MasterCard World Manhatten card – so an elite card – with an offer of S$80 cashback upon activation.  It also provides 5% cashback for every charge – up to S$800 per year – nice!

I hope I can spend a bit on the card to get this level of cashback.

Someone also told me that if apply for another Standard Chartered credit card, you can get another S$80 cashback, so I might give this a go.  I will probably spend a few txns on the card, and cancel it upon annual renewal 🙂  Hopefully, that is!

Imagine Prepaid Card and Amex SIA KrisFlyer Credit Card

I managed to receive two more credits cards now – the EZ-Link Imagine American Express Prepaid Card – and the American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Credit Card.

I will start to use the Imagine one (which combines a prepaid Amex purse and EZ-Link purse on the card) once my current EZ-Link card has depleted to zero. My KrisFlyer one will be used to help me start to increase my KrisFlyer status and mileage – I just hope I get to the next grouping of the Frequent Flyer Programme. Then again, I tend not to go with SIA or SilkAir (SIA’s low-cost arm) as they are usually very expensive for short-haul trips. Good to have the card anyway, as you get 5k free bonus miles on the first purchase 🙂

Singapore Credit Cards – Amex of Course!

Well after using my DBS Visa Debit card for several weeks of my new life in Singapore, I decided to focus on which credit cards I should get – Amex of course!  I looked around and there was a few on offer.  What makes Singapore quite different is that all credit cards charge membership fees – which is something the UK market is trying to introduce.  It seems to work here in Singapore – although it is diluted when you get the first year free etc.

Anyway, there were a few options available:

DBS Amex Altitude Card

DBS Amex Altitude Card

DBS Altitude Card (Amex) – you get 1.6 miles for every $1 spent and received 10k bonus miles each year. Complimentary DBS Altitude Butler Service – nice touch!

Annual Fee – S$192.60, waived for the first year.

DBS Visa Altitude Card

DBS Visa Signature Altitude Card

DBS Altitude Card (Visa Signature) – you get 1.6 miles for every $1 spent and received 10k bonus miles each year.  Complimentary DBS Altitude Butler Service – again, nice touch! But the Visa card has Priority Pass lounge access for free for the first year, whilst the Amex card doesn’t…hmmm!!

Annual Fee – S$192.60, waived for the first year.

UOB Prvi Miles Amex Card

UOB Prvi Miles Amex Card

UOB Prvi Miles Platinum Amex Card – you get 1.6 miles for every $1 spent locally and 20k bonus miles each year and unlimited airport limo service (VERY tempting).

Annual Fee – $256.80, waived for the first year.

UOB Singtel Platinum Card

UOB Singtel Platinum Card

UOB SingTel Platinum Card – you earn up to 4% SMART$ (UOBs reward programme) on your SingTel bill and an additional rebate of 0.5% on all other spend.

Annual Fee – Free card for life (longing your charge the SingTel bill to the card).

Amex Krisflyer Gold Card

Amex Krisflyer Gold Card

Amex Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Card – 50% + 50% bonus KrisFlyer miles with 5k bonus miles upon the first use of the card.

Annual Fee – $110, waived for the first year.

I ended up getting the DBS Altitude Card (both Amex and Visa), but I am very tempted to get the UOB Prvi Platinum Card (Amex) and the KrisFlyer one, but awaiting to see if there is an acquisition/marketing campaign before I do…I can stagger the sign-ups in any case – to maximise the first year annual free approach 🙂  haha!


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