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An Stroll to ECP and Early Dinner at Brussel Sprouts (23rd Nov)

Well it started with the usual “lets do some exercise” excuse – so we decided to go for a bus ride to the East Coast area.  We stopped near to the Stadium, and we decided to walk along the east coast from here.  It was a pretty hot and stuffy day (like every other day in Singapore), but it was a good stroll, as we weren’t in any type of hurry to get anywhere.

We aimed to try to see if we can walk quite a bit, but as we started to flair as we approached the Big Splash along East Coast Parkway, we decided to stop, rest a bit and have a drink.  We did do about 5km walk and it took just over an hour, so pretty good going methinks.

Mussels and Chips

Mussels and Chips

We stopped and walked around the shops here, and then we decided to have a bite to eat (well we were quite peckish by this time) at the Brussels Sprouts restaurant located here.  We had a nice beer – which was really refreshing, and we just chatted away, eating the mussels that and chips we also ordered.

They weren’t the best mussels we’ve had in Singapore, but did the job and we were actually very refreshed after the bite to eat.


Brussels Sprouts
902 East Coast Parkway
Block F #01-27 Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel: +65 6346 4344
Email: bigsplash@brusselssprouts.com.sg 
URL: http://brusselssprouts.com.sg

Crab in the Bag – Dan’s Birthday Dinner (13th Sept)

What a nice place to enjoy a dinner meal with a difference. I’ve heard of this place, but never been here before – so when I arrived at East Coast Parkway, at the Big Splash.

It was a great concept – it all starts with them preparing your table with a paper table cloth…but the twist is that they don’t provide any cutlery or plates. What you actually do is order Fish et Co in a Bucket…and they then serve it in the same bucket, and they then tip the contents (luckily, cooked!) onto the table top for you all to tuck in. Sauces and other sides are then delivered in little disposable cups.

Crab in Da Bag
Block D Unit #01-25
902 East Coast Parkway
Big Splash
Singapore, 449874
Tel: +65 6440 0083
URL: http://www.crabindabag.com

Cycling Trip at ECP (8th June)

Another weekend, another cycling opportunity with a colleague.

We decided to really push for Changi Park, so we met-up at 3pm, and cycled hard, to go east along East Coast Park, and reach the edge of East Coast Park, just before the Changi Airport stretch at around 4pm, not that bad going.

We rested for a few minutes and observed a group of students perform some Stand-up Paddle Boarding, looked amazing, but looked very difficult. We then continued on and pushed ourselves along the Changi Airport Perimeter road (or the coastal path along the ride), before we reached the north end of the cycling path. We arrived at Changi Beach Park – wow – what a result!

Look at the ride report at Runkeeper.

Cycling Fun – at East Coast Park

Another weekend, another exercise opportunity. I met up with a colleague from work at East Coast Park to try my hand at ECP cycling session.

We really aimed to push ourselves to get to the Changi Beach, but really only managed to get half way along the Changi perimeter road, before we decided to return back. On the way back, we stopped to enjoy the sights and sounds at a racing track – where we noticed some very nice vehicles paired up at the on-street parking. A nice red Ferrari (yes it still has to be red!), and a yellow Lambo.

We couldn’t resist to stop and enjoy the moment 🙂

More Cycling – More Exercise

Over the past couple of months, I have been upping the ante with my cycling. I know I need to do more exercise, and to also help bulk up my muscle, so cycling is one way of achieving this.

I decided to go along East Coast Park (ECP) because it is easy to get a bike and away from the hustle and bustle of the City, and away from the busy Singapore roads. Going eastward, it remains a pleasant journey, as you reach the perimeter road of Changi Airport. I am committed to get to the top side of the Airport, but so far have only managed to get about 3/4 of the way, mainly due to running out of time – the biggest challenge is I have the energy and time to get to the north part of Changi Airport – to the beach and/or Changi Village, but then I have to find a way to get back again 🙂

We’ll see, one day I think I can make it (and back)!

Cycling Along East Coast Park

I haven’t been cycling for what feels like weeks (actually it probably is almost 2 months now!) so I knew this was going to be a good ride from the outset.

I met up a work colleague at 4pm at the local Burger King at ECP – we managed to stay clear from buying anything there though! – and we went to the bike hire company next door.  We went for the $8 per hour bike, and took up their $13 each for a 2 hour stint (they actually had an offer which was buy 2 hours get another hour fee – so it turned out to be $13 for 3 hours).  That’s pretty reasonable methinks.

We headed along eastward, and before long we arrived at the Food Court at ECP – we stopped off for a Sugar Cane and Chicken Wings break – which was delicious – and then we decided to head off further east.  After about an hour we had made it to the south-east edge – we then relaxed for a few minutes, before we headed north – towards the Changi perimter road – and we went on and on.  The good thing about this ride is that it is very flat, and the cycle lanes are nicely laid out, there is also less people as you move east, so it became a nice tranquil ride.  We reached about half-way up along the Changi Airport perimeter, and we then noted that we had to head back soon, as we had a house waming engagement at 7pm.  I think we could have easily continued – and another 10 minutes, we would have reached the top of Changi airport and then reach Changi Village.  I think we will eventually do that next time, because that would create another opportunity to relax and chill, before we head back to base.

It took us another 45 minutes and we finally reached back to the cycle hire shop near Burger King.

I think we did a 2 hr 30 minute ride (with 20 minutes worth of rest in-between) – a total of 25km round-trip.  Nice!  I worked out that if we went all the way to Changi village, it would be a 17km journey one-way, that’s a 34km round trip, so another 10km cycling – ouch!

Cycling Along ECP

Cycling Along ECP – Our Route

Easter Weekend – Cycling Mad

Well I was aiming to spend some time away for the Easter Break, but didn’t manage to book anywhere, as the air fares were ridculouosly high, so instead I decided to spend it in Singapore.

I wanted to enjoy the time, so decided to spend some quality time with some friends doing cycling around East Coast, drinking and eating 🙂 (Well that seems to be a usual weekend, at the moment – haha).

It was actually quite enjoyable and relaxing…and I am certainly getting fitter with all of this exercis malarkey 🙂

Pub Lunch Plus Cycling Along East Coast Park

I decided to spend a day contemplating a few things in my head, so decided to leave my apartment and have a nice Sunday Roast – something that “feels like home”, whilst allowing me to watch the world go by and think things clearly in my head. With some recent challenges at work, I felt it was good to just have a bit of ‘me time’. Oh and 2 pints of Guinness helped too – haha!

After experiencing the East Coast Park cycle way during my secondment in 2011, I wanted to make it a more regular thing. It’s another nice way to keep fit, and also sweat the stress out of the system…and the scenery is quite nice too! 🙂

It costs something like $8, $12 or $14 dollars (for 1hr, 2hr or 3hr durations), so I decided to do a ride as far eastward I could get for 2 hours. It was perfect, because you actually go eastward and go along the cycle way until you reach the Changi area – and it’s just sooo relaxing and out of the busy city life, so you really just open your mind. I almost forgot about the time though, as what goes east, must go west – for a cycle loop – ha! Luckily I made it back, and it took just shy of 2 hours – perfect!

Very enjoyable…am keen to get a few others along too, as it is better with company!

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