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Collection of my 2 Year Employment Pass

Well, as efficient as always, the Ministry of Manpower confirmed that my card was ready for pick-up on Friday, 11th January – only took a few days, having provided my biometrics on Monday.

I can now work legally for a couple of years (at least) in Singapore.  The final piece has slotted into place very nicely.  It does feel good!

First Day – and a visit to the MBFC Office

Well I thought I’d be a loyal worker and arranged to pick-up my work blackberry from the office.  Actually, it was great going through the routine the taking the MRT from my hotel to Raffles Place and walk through the mall to the Marina Bay Financial Centre office. Certainly brings back fond memories.

The thing that made this different was that I had to sign in as a visitor as I haven’t officially started yet 🙂

I picked up my blackberry – which should have taken all of 5 minutes, but about 30 minutes later, I was still chatting way to some of the great folks at the office. It was a great time to catch-up – and probably the only time that I could really ‘dress-down’ without anyone batting an eyelid – haha!

I am finitely looking forward to return on the 2nd January 2013 to start my new work routine…2013 is going to be all-change for me!!!

My Singapore Life Starts today

Today, it is the start of a new chapter in my life, as I start my new adventure in Singapore. you may recall that I previously worked in Singapore on a secondment (placement) during the second half of 2011. The challenge was that this was such a short period, I really only felt settled after about 4-5 months, at which point I had to prepare to leave.

I turned to my home team in the UK, but with the intention to find a more permanent role in Singapore. Fortunately, I have now achieved this permanent relocation – and I am about to become a full expat with all the trimmings to finally get used to the Singapore life for good!

Not only is this a bold and huge move, it is also a scary episode in my life, with some elements of uncertainty and definitely a few unknowns, but actually I like the test of being slightly outside of my comfort zone. I am certainly up for the challenge and my head and heart both feel this is the right time to make this move.

So today, I am flying out and going to start sorting out the logistics to support my move. Do wish me luck :). My Singapore Adventure – the next chapter starts today!

Arrival at Singapore – as efficient as always!

Well what should I expect? I arrived promptly at 8am, it took a few moments to disembark from the lovely Singapore Airlines A380 Airbus – and after a walk down from the gate, I arrived in a few minutes at the Immigration desk. I provided my Employment Pass (EP) and the stamp duly appeared in my passport and I was once again in Singapore officially!

A few more minutes, my luggage appeared (it literally as minutes later), and my baggage was about the third or forth to appear on the belt. I picked up my two bags, my hand luggage and ruck-sack and joined the taxi ‘queue’ – when I say queue it was more like a mystery line – as I was magically at the front before I blinked. The taxi arrived, and in about 15 minutes I once again had left the airport in a taxi heading for the hotel!

Only in Singapore 🙂

Singapore Airlines – One Way Ticket

It is very surreal buying a one-way ticket, the first time in my life that I’ve done so – this was when it became real to me that I was embarking on a new chapter of my life in Singapore.

BUT, I am excited about the challenge that awaits me, and I must admit I still enjoyed the Business Class flight out (thanks to the great service on Singapore Airlines).  This time, I made sure I wasn’t over my Baggage allowance, having decided to not ship anything out from the UK (except what I checked-in) – I checked-in two large suitcases (which equated to almost 40kg, which SIA didn’t charge the excess for (30kg is the normal Business Class allowance – phew!).  I also took on board my PS3 in my back-pack, and another cabin-sized suitcase with other bits and bobs…and my mum carried over another suitcase of belongings with hers to HK.  I guess I’d only need to worry about how to get the stuff back when I eventually return to the UK 🙂

Talking about Business Class – it was a nice and relaxing journey, and the 12.5 hours simply flew by (excuse the pun) – the food was excellent, as always…as you can see below 🙂

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