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Hanoi Vietnam Trip (17th to 19th July)

I had to take a business trip to Hanoi, a place I always wanted to visit, so whilst the business trip same ol’, same ol’, the non-work part was very enjoyable.

I had to go the day before, due to the timings of the flight, and went with Vietnam Air – as this was a fair bit cheaper than Singapore Airlines – probably due to the lateness in booking. The main challenge was to get the Business Visa, so as my business trip was only confirmed a couple of days prior, I ended up going to the Vietnam Embassy to ensure I was able to pick-up the morning on the day of my departure…call it down to the wire – it certainly felt like that!! Phew!

When I arrived at the airport, I decided to visit the Butterfly Exhibition – something only a few people know about exists at the airport – it was actually quite nice, not a huge display, but very enjoyable to view and relax, as I waited for my flight.

My Vietnam Airlines Flight Arriving

My Vietnam Airlines Flight Arriving

After another hour, the flight arrived, so we waited to board and then took our seat.

The flight took around 3 hrs 15 mins, so it wasn’t too long. The flight was uneventful – luckily – food was so-so, but I wasn’t that hungry, so it wasn’t all bad.  I managed to sleep most of the flight – which was a great opportunity to catch-up on your sleep.

We arrived on time, and I managed to get a taxi to the Sheraton hotel, which lasted about 40 minutes or so.  Not too bad, although I couldn’t see much of the journey in the darkness.


The Friday lunch was a nice treat – as we were taken to a very nice restaurant in Hanoi – taking the tastes and delights of true Vietnam cuisine – yummy indeedy!

I also got to enjoy the local Vietnamese beer – tasted pretty okay actually, and the trip went very well. The hotel itself was located very nicely, overlooking the lake – a nice view indeed.

I left on Saturday morning, but didn’t have much time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hanoi in all its glory, so I do think I will come back and visit again at some point for pleasure!

Professional Portrait Photos

A colleague from work offered to take some professional portrait photos for me and another friend, and we agreed to use of my apartment – well within the small space I have available. There were pretty reasonably priced, and I think that they capture what we wanted to capture in the photo – amazing vibe.

It took us a few poses to get the right photo, but I am very, very impressed with the outcome.

Intelligent Cleaning Robot (iClebo) GroupOn Offer

iClebo Groupon Offer

iClebo Groupon Offer

During an expo in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, the iRobot vacuum cleaner was the fad device on show – lots of manufacturers had stalls set-up promoting the device. They were quite expensive, 3-4 hundred quid, so I decided that I would probably not require it – and for me, it was easy to clean my UK home and my Singapore apartment with the more traditional Dyson vacuum cleaner.

However, there was a GroupOn offer and I noticed that there was one device on offer – so I decided to get it 🙂 It was the second time they offered it, so I presume that they had quite a few in stock – and were trying to shift them quick. It wasn’t the more traditional iRobot brand, but it was a Korean brand called iClebo (Intelligent Cleaning Robot).

The model number was YCR-M06-L1 – which looking on the iClebo website seems to imply it was a dated model – but alas, it should fit the bill for my needs. It’s listed RRP was S$999 (about £500), but the GroupOn offer was priced at S$389 (£190 ish.) – that was okay in my books.

Can’t wait to use it now – haha! 🙂

YouTube Preview Image


The Features – the What, Why and How:


The User Guide:

Eye Examination – at Eagle Eye Centre (11th August)

In June 2013, at the height of the bad haze period, I suffered from a really bad eye infection (although I still am unsure if it was actually linked to the haze, or just a pure coincidence!?)

After a few weeks of treatment, I had scheduled a follow-up visit after 12 months, and today was the check-up appointment.

I went across to the Eye Clinic, at Eagle Eye Centre, at Mount Elizabeth Hospital – and went to see the specialist again.  I was hopeful that he confirms that there is no re-occurrence and that my eyes are back to 100% health again.

The great news is that he gave me the green light, but decided to give me a further prescription fo eye drops – in the worse case it reoccurs – this whole visit costs me another $90 odd dollars (ouch), but it is probably best to be safe then sorry – especially with my eyes.  He scheduled another appointment in 12mths time, but I will probably cancel if I don’t require it – as it is just costing me too much money now.

Luckily, I can claim the costs from my work’s medicare allowance 🙂

Mount Faber Walk

There is nothing like a nice evening walk, so I met up a colleague at Harbour Front, and we went for the start of a long stroll around the south-west area. We went up the stairs to the Mount Faber trail, all the way to Mount Faber peak, we then joined the Mount Faber loop which went further to the west, as we reached Henderson Road, before we went across to the Southern Ridges.

This led us to Telok Blangah Hill Park – where it led us further West, towards Alexandra Road at Hort Park. We could see the weather turning, but it did not yet rain at all during our trip.

Going through Hort Park, we entered the Kent Ridge trail which took us near to Buona Vista. We then entered back to the concrete pathways, as we reached South Buona Vista Road, we took the road South until we reached the West Coast Highway, and then we reached Pasir Panjang, and the MRT and Food Court. This walk took us almost 2 hours 45 minutes, not bad at all 🙂

We had a nice and quick dinner at the Pasir Panjang Food Court, before calling it a down and I left home via the MRT across to Bishan (okay I took the long way home) before I changed to the North-South line to Novena.

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